SMX West: Personalized Search Taking Stage

SMX West: Personalized Search Taking Stage

By Doug Caverly February 27, 2008

When someone searches for the term "dog," they’re very likely interested in our furry friends.  But a few folks might be curious about digital on-screen graphics, and won’t want to dig through stuff about rottweilers and retrievers.  So personalized search remains as important as ever.

(Lots Of) Web 2.0 Awards Announced

If I were to identify just the 41 categories, this article would become rather long and list-like.  If I were to mention each of the “over 200” websites involved, you’d hate me.  So I’ll simply report that SEOmoz has announced its 2007 Web. 2.0 Awards, and perhaps hit a few of the highlights while I’m at it.

Eurekster Makes Swickis Wiki-er
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Eurekster released a set of Web 2.0 upgrades to its Swicki (search plus wiki) collaborative search engine to make search results more participatory and personalized.

The new "Community Features" allow swicki users to vote in favor of or against results that appear on the page. Or, if something’s missing that should be there, users can write their own search result and add it to the index.

Eurekster Sweeps Up Forbes Deal

The financial and business news site will implement Eurekster’s SwickiPublisher platform as Forbes dips a toe into social media.

Eurekster Reels In Red Herring Award

Community search site Eurekster has been selected as one of the Red Herring 100 North America award winners; the awards recognize private technology firms that push and break the boundaries of the business of technology.

Microsoft Strolls The Rumor Treadmill

As the company continues to tack upon the seas of Windows Live, Microsoft has been predicted to have a stop scheduled at the shores of social media.

The State of Search 2.0

How useful is search for you? I’m more than dissatisfied with it.

A New Use for Tag Clouds

The Los Angeles Times has come up with an intriguing new use for a tag cloud.

Eurekster Offers Personalized Search For Your Site

Eurekster, Inc., a behavioral search technology firm, announced it is making a personalized search platform available for website publishers. Entitled Eurekster SearchPublisher , the service enables website operators to provide users with a tailored search option unique to visitors.

Friendster and Eurekster Launch Personalized Search

Friendster and Eurekster have launched personalized Internet search and navigation services on Friendster networks in eight countries.

How Search Engines Teach Users To Search
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I recently had a conversation about search with my sister, who’s a college librarian. It was interesting to (for once) think about search outside of its marketing potential. She told me about about students who type in natural language search queries (sometimes simply typing in the name of their class or assignment title) and dreamed of a search engine that will understand exactly what searchers are looking for.

Eurekster Discusses Combining Social Networking and Search Engine Technology

If you keep tabs on the latest search engine news, you’ll no doubt realize that we are getting closer to a merging of search engine technology and social networking. While Google may have created the sizzle with its recent launch of Orkut along with rumors that it may one day roll it into its search engine, there is a company already making headway with social searching.

How to Get in Eurekster

The Eurekster search engine launched recently with fanfare on many of the search industry sites and a big article in Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Watch.