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Will Google Put An End To Motorola Abuses? Will Google Put An End To Motorola Abuses?
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This morning I reported on complaints lodged to European Union’s (EU) competition regulators by Microsoft against Motorola. The main gist of the article is that Motorola neglects to make its patent technologies available at a fair cost to other manufacturers …

Microsoft Argues Motorola’s Policy On Patents Microsoft Argues Motorola’s Policy On Patents

Microsoft has filed formal complaints with European Union’s competition regulator regarding the price Motorola is charging for the use of patented technology. Microsoft is claiming the the 2.25% they are charging for a video patent is well over what other …

Breaking: EU Approves Google To Buy Motorola Breaking: EU Approves Google To Buy Motorola
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After five months, European Union regulators have approved of the purchase of Motorola Mobility by Internet search giant Google, Inc. The main reason Google wants to purchase Motorola is to increase its stable of patents. The EU was mainly concerned …

Google Privacy Changes: Google Won’t Pause Rollout For EU / CNIL Google Privacy Changes: Google Won’t Pause Rollout For EU / CNIL
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This week, the European Union and France’s National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties (CNIL) asked Google to pause the rollout of its new privacy policy changes. The reason? To provide time for the EU’s Article 29 Working Party, which …

EU’s Privacy Laws Will Affect U.S. Companies Too EU’s Privacy Laws Will Affect U.S. Companies Too

Justice Commissioner, Vivian Reding has made the statement, “It is… important to empower EU citizens, particularly teenagers, to be in control of their own identity online”. She goes on to say,“If an individual no longer wants his personal data to …

EU’s new privacy law tax could become a heyday for lawyers EU’s new privacy law tax could become a heyday for lawyers

The European Union has proposed, in a draft, new online privacy protection laws, which would update their current policies put in place 17 years ago. The new laws would allow individuals to request that certain personal data, which has been …

European Union Proposes New Data Privacy Laws European Union Proposes New Data Privacy Laws

If you could erase all your personal data on the Internet, would you? The BBC is reporting that a new law is going to be proposed to the EU on Wednesday. It would include the provision for a “right to …

European Union’s Neelie Kroes Twitter’s Against SOPA Legislation European Union’s Neelie Kroes Twitter’s Against SOPA Legislation

Neelie Kroes, the EU’s Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, Tweeted some candid comments on Friday, speaking out against the oppressive pending U.S. SOPA legislation: “Glad tide is turning on SOPA: don’t need bad legislation when should be safeguarding benefits of …

Apple, Publishers Target of EU Antitrust Investigation Over E-books Apple, Publishers Target of EU Antitrust Investigation Over E-books

The European Commision announced today that it is launching an investigation into the sales of e-books in the European market. The targets of the investigation include Apple and five publishing houses: Hachette Livre of France, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster …

Apple Subscription Service Being Monitored By Antitrust Regulators

Earlier this week, Apple introduced its Subscription service for the App Store. Immediately, it was met with waves of criticism (though it’s certainly had its share of defenders). It didn’t take long at all for whispers of antitrust to start going around.

EU Launches Search and Advertising Antitrust Investigation Against Google
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Update 2: Google has posted a response on its Public Policy Blog.

EU Wants Google To Revise Street View Policies
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The European Union has asked Google to revise the way it stores images for its Maps and Street View services, due to privacy concerns.

Google currently keeps all images on Street View for a year, but the EU’s Article 29 Data Protection Working Party wants that time cut in half to no longer than six months.

EU Calls For More Privacy On Social Networks

The European Commission is reminding teenagers to "Think before you post!" on social networking sites as Europe marks Safer Internet Day.

The Commission said 50 percent of European teenagers give out personal information on the web, which can remain online forever and be seen by anybody.

Microsoft Yahoo Deal Approval Gets Deadline in Europe

Remember that proposed Microsoft Yahoo search and advertising deal? It’s still awaiting regulatory approval, but it might be a step closer to its destiny soon, no matter which way it goes.

The European Commission has set a deadline for a decision on approval of Microsoft’s bid (via Reuters). The date is February 19, or exactly a month from today. The deadline was published yesterday within a list of other deadlines for other deals.

ICANN Becomes More Independent
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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body responsible for managing Internet domain names, has announced it will no longer be controlled by the U.S. government.

ICANN and the U.S. Department of Commerce signed an agreement today supporting the model of international multi-stakeholder governance of the global Internet addressing system.

ICANN was created in 1998 to manage the Internet’s addressing system such as top-level domain-names and IP address space. The group has been criticized for being too influenced by the U.S. government.

EU Plans To Limit MP3 Player Volume
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The European Commission said today it wants to implement new rules for the makers of MP3 players that would require them to follow new volume standards.

The Commission pointed to a study that found listening to personal music players at a high volume over a long period can lead to permanent hearing damage and 5 to 10 percent of listeners risk permanent hearing loss. It’s estimated that up to 10 million people in the EU may be at risk.

Google Gets Good News From EU Court Advisor

An advisor to the European Court of Justice said Tuesday that Google does not violate luxury goods makers’ trademarks by allowing advertisers to buy keywords related to brand names.

In his opinion, Advocate General Poiares Maduro suggests "Google has not committed a trade mark infringement by allowing advertisers to select, in AdWords, keywords corresponding to trademarks."

Sun Losing $100 Million a Month as Oracle Waits

Sun Microsystems is losing about $100 million a month according to Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, the company that’s set to acquire Sun. Oracle is waiting to get clearance from European regulators before the deal can go through and Oracle can step in and try to put an end to this loss.

eBay Petitions EU Over Brand Rules
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eBay called on the European Union today to amend an EU competition law to stop brands from restricting the sale of their products on the Internet.

The company has given a petition to the European Parliament, signed by 750,000 Europeans’ calling for reform.

EU Cracks Down On Misleading Electronics Websites
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More than half of European websites selling consumer electronic goods were found to be misleading online shoppers, according to an investigation by the EU Consumer watchdog.

The investigation covered 369 websites selling six of the most popular electronics goods to consumers in the EU, including digital cameras, mobile phones, personal music players and game consoles.

EU Investing $25 Million In High-Speed Mobile Internet
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The European Union said Tuesday it will invest $25 million into research that will underpin the next generation of 4G mobile networks.

The EU says the funding will go towards research on Long Term Evolution (LTE) Advanced technology, that will offer mobile Internet speeds up to a hundred times faster than current 3G networks. The funding will be released on January 1, 2010.