Errors Articles

Finding the Errors on Your Site

When you are building your site, and try to test it in a browser, do you sometimes (or perhaps more often) get an error message telling you that your site contains a script error, and would you like to continue running scripts on the page – yes or no?

Windows Runtime Errors

hi carey.

I have windows 98SE…..and it (runtime errors) happens after I have been online and going to web pages I go to daily..I do have norton anti-virus. I know that I get runtime error and then another that says Internet explorer will close this program down error. I close out all programs on system tray will that help….. I freeze alot also. Do you need any more info..?


SQL Errors 101

Many programmers hit a brick wall in their SQL queries, slowing development to a crawl and causing an over abundance of hair loss and coffee consumption. If you have been staring at the screen with a blank look and a pounding heart, wondering what you did to deserve this mess, you have come to the right place. In this article I will unveil the six most common SQL query errors and give you tips on stress prevention.

Answering Customer Service E-mail: Five Errors to Avoid

We’re turning our focus this new year to customer service e-mail messages, those “answers” we receive in our inboxes when we write to customer service representatives (CSRs) for help. Our research method: Send hundreds of customer service questions and requests via e-mail. We’ve e-mailed everyone — from Fortune 500s to ma-and-pa companies, from public corporations to nonprofits and government agencies. We’ve solicited customer service e-mail from clients and colleagues. What we’ve learned so far: (1) Lots of customer service representatives lack the basic writing skills they need to communicate with customers. (2) Lots of companies are sending out embarrassing, inaccurate, business-damaging e-mail disguised as “help.”

Mirror Your Site – Avoid Internal Link Errors

Unless your web site has only one page, with no graphics, you’ll have internal links. That’s links to other parts of your site, or to pictures that you’ve included on your page.

Handling 404 errors with email – and a twist…

Everyone has seen an HTTP 404 error at some point. You follow a link on a web page, and BOOM – File not found. Perhaps the author spelt it incorrectly, or the page was uploaded to the server by mistake. I’ll show you how to handle this gracefully*, and send an email to yourself so the problem gets fixed. But first, what did I mean when I said “Make money from error handling”?