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The Great Diablo III Error 37 & Review Debate – Who’s Right & Who’s Wrong?

Let me preface this article by stating, I haven’t played Diablo III, beyond the beta events Blizzard offered to players before its release date. I came away rather unimpressed during these events; but more on that later. Therefore, I can provide little insight into the game itself. However, after seeing the events from the past few days unfold, I can …

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Diablo III Gets “Emergency” Update, Already Beaten By Korean Gamers

Diablo III is now available for consumption, and although it’s less than 24 hours old, the game has already been updated in order to address “error 37,” which is the subject of much discussion on Twitter. Apparently, however, error 37 didn’t stop a few Korean gamers from enjoying the game. So much so, in fact, they’ve already beaten the game. …

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