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Kentucky Blog Blacklist Case Settled
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A federal lawsuit filed by a Kentucky blogger against former Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Commonwealth of Kentucky has been settled. Under the terms of the settlement, the Commonwealth agrees to apply a "viewpoint-neutral" policy to blogs and websites accessed by state-owned computers.

Ky. Governor Unblocks Blogs
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Kentucky’s newly elected Democratic Governor Steve Beshear lifted a ban set in place by former Governor Ernie Fletcher that barred state employees from accessing blogs on state computers. Fletcher’s move was a controversial one that led to national press coverage of allegations that he was trying to silence critics, and a federal lawsuit filed by a Kentucky gadfly blogger.

KY Governor In Hospital With Blood Clot

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher, 53, remained in the hospital on Friday, recovering from a blood clot removal. Doctors dissolved about 95% of the potentially deadly clot from a vein between the upper left arm and his chest.