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Mariel Hemingway Talks Mental Health and Suicide
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Mariel Hemingway talked about both mental health and suicide–her family’s troubled heritage–during an interview on Key West this weekend. She spoke from a desk that once belonged to her famous grandfather, Ernest Hemingway. In Key West headlining the Key West …

Mariel Hemingway “Running from Crazy”
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Mariel Hemingway was born into stardom. Her grandfather was the famous Ernest Hemingway, known for his literary brilliance, and she was nominated for an Oscar at only 16-years-old for her role in Woody Allan’s, “Manhattan”. However, her smile was not …

Mariel Hemingway Talks About Family’s Grim Tradition

Mariel Hemingway likely could have relied on her very famous last name for some limelight, at least when she was younger; as the granddaughter of writer Ernest, she was part of a family which was well respected and well known. …