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Are Brands Really the Solution to the Internet “Cesspool?”

Eric SchmidtIn 2008, Eric Schmidt called the Internet a cesspool and said that brands were the way to sort it out. Popular blogger Michael Gray aka Graywolf says that big brand media sites are "the real cesspool of the Internet."

Google’s Android Going to Set-Top Boxes

Google is expecting a good year for Android, and it’s got plans for the mobile operating system. The company is planning "significant" products and partnerships.

Google Defends Its Use Of AP Content

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re the newspaper industry. Your ranks are dwindling as even old stalwarts are dropping like flies.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Fires Back at Newspapers

The Associated Press (AP) announced this week that it’s working on a system  to "protect" its content from being "misappropriated" online. WebProNews CEO Rich Ord posted a thought-provoking piece on the subject giving some background into the situation.

CEOs Say The Darnedest Things
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A year later, a Microsoft and Yahoo assault on Google still can’t be ruled out. Steve Ballmer says he’s still interested, and even though Yahoo’s new chief won’t kiss and tell, her apparent lack of confidence in her company is telling enough.

And what does Google CEO Eric Schmidt have to say to potential MicroHoo, search, and Twitter competition?

Good luck, kids.

Schmidt Shuts Door On Dividends, (Most) Acquisitions

Investors hoping for a little extra money – and small startups hoping for a lot – are going to need to find someone or something other than Google to provide it.  The search giant’s CEO said yesterday that he intends to let his company’s checkbook collect a little dust. 

Eric Schmidt To Advise Britain’s Conservative Party
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Eric Schmidt’s support of Barack Obama made a lot of people rather upset.  A new move on Schmidt’s part may placate them, though, as the CEO of Google has agreed to work closely with Britain’s Conservative Party. 

Google Ocean May Be Ready At Last
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For fans of certain science fiction television shows, space has long been the final frontier.  But for a particular search giant, Google Sky covered that, and it’s instead the task of representing the ocean that has been something of a challenge.  Google may soon address the issue with the help of some fairly important people. 

Google Beats Analysts’ Expectations Yet Again

Google was one of few successful companies on the stock market today; it provided a little bit of green within big lists of numbers that were otherwise mostly red.  This trend continued as the search giant released its fourth quarter financial results. 

Rumors Swirl About Google CEO Exit

The day I become a billionaire is the day I vanish and no one sees me again unless I invite them to my ridiculously cool house. Pretend billionaires have that luxury, but it is likely the mentality that creates billionaires is the same mentality that keeps them working no matter how rich they become.

Schmidt Turns Down Role Of America’s CTO

It looks like Google isn’t going to simultaneously lose its CEO and gain a powerful friend in Washington.  Eric Schmidt has said in no uncertain terms that he won’t become America’s first CTO.

Google Comfortable Enough In Its Own Economic Shoes

Eric SchmidtGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt is a busy man as you can imagine, and has probably been even busier than usual recently, now that he has been named to the transitional economic advisory board of President-Elect Barack Obama at a time when the economy needs all the help it can get.

Google CEO Denies Interest In Government Job
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Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been on the campaign trail stumping for Barack Obama, virtually formalizing his “informal campaign advisor” role, a suddenly very public endorsement that fueled speculation about a possible cabinet position, specifically Obama’s proposed tech czar.

Live: Google Realistic, But Optimistic
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Let out that held breath, everybody – Google had a good third quarter.  While the company didn’t destroy estimates as it’s done in the past, such behavior could hardly be expected at this point, and Google at least managed to improve its performance in most respects.

All of this led to some rather happy and enthusiastic behavior on the part of investors.  Google’s stock has gone up 7.86 percent so far in after hours trading. 

Here are notes from the live conference call:

This Cesspool We Call the Internet
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Eric Schmidt

Google Wants to Clarify This Deal With Yahoo!
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Do you have questions about the proposed search advertising deal between Google and Yahoo!? If so, you might find some answers at YahooGoogleFacts.com, a site Google has launched to clarify just what is going on, and probably to help clear the air of controversy, which has surrounded the deal since it was first brought into the public eye.

Eric Schmidt

Economic Woes Don’t Scare Schmidt

Google’s stock first hit $430 per share in December of 2005.  It moved upward past the number in October 2006 and March of this year, as well.  Now the stock’s right around $430 again, and although the situation’s sure to frustrate investors, Google’s leaders believe their company is in good shape.

Google Blames Microsoft for Yahoo! Deal Controversy
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Google held its Zeitgeist Conference yesterday, and during that conference, CEO Eric Schmidt, and co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin held a media roundtable at which they discussed a variety of Google’s recent endeavors. Among the topics of course, was the proposed Google-Yahoo! advertising deal, which is currently being scrutinized by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Eric Schmidt

Schmidt Aims Algorithms At Energy Crisis
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Green is the new black; math is the new cool; and Google CEO Eric Schmidt has some formulas for increasing energy efficiency, job creation, money saving, and how the Internet will fend off global warming.

Algorithms At Energy Crisis

Sound far-fetched?  Schmidt says, “It’s just a math problem.”

Google Guys Top Vanity Fair’s Most Powerful
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Vanity Fair released its annual ranking of the world’s most powerful people this week and our favorite executive trio was tied for third, just under Vladimir Putin and Rupert Murdoch.

Schmidt: Mobile Ad Revenue To Outdo Traditional Types
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About once a month, Google comes up with some neat new feature for mobile phones.  It’s never much compared to certain search and mapping innovations, and the things tend to receive little notice from any mainstream audience.  But Eric Schmidt is still betting on mobile in a big way.