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Zynga Desperately Tries To Keep Employees After Stock Crash

Things are not looking good for Zynga. Their stocks crashed, COO John Schappert left and they’re being investigated for insider trading. After all this, employees would obviously want out. The company is going to keep them the only way they know how – throwing money at them. Bloomberg is reporting that Zynga is now handing out equity grants to all …

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Fundable: Helping Startups Become Reality with Crowdfunding

There’s a new startup on the scene that hopes to help other startups take off. The company is called Fundable, and although it looks similar to Kickstarter, it operates on very different approach that takes advantage of the JOBS Act. The bill, which was signed into law in April, has also been called the “Crowdfunding Bill” for its promise to …

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