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Epinephrine Pen Needles Too Short For Obese Children

Schools in 29 states in the United States have decided to keep epinephrine pens in stock in case a student were to have a severe allergic reactions. Schools all over the country were unsure if stocking up on the epi-pens was a good idea or not. Many feared that the officials who were in charge of storing the pens and …

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Epinephrine Pens Now Stocked at Schools in 29 States

Schools around the United States have been managing a new anxiety: whether or not their students will drop dead during recess of unanticipated allergic shock. Fox News reported that 15 states enacted laws permitting their schools to carry epinephrine pens, joining the 11 that already have. Parents are slightly torn over the issue: while some parents worry that an irresponsible …

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Food Allergies on the Rise: EpiPen Legislation

Food Allergy has become a growing concern for Americans, particularly parents of school-age children. There have been several documented deaths amongst students exposed to allergens at school. There is a high probability that these students would have survived, had they been given immediate access to epinephrine. This week, on October 2nd, the U.S. Senate will come to a decision on …

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