Eons Articles

Eons Fires One-Third Of Staff

Mass firings can make people nervous – it’s only natural to wonder who’s next.  The remaining employees at Eons are apparently feeling peaceful, however, following a reorganization that saw 24 of their colleagues go.

Eons Earns $22 Million In Funding

It’s not every day that a press release begins with the words “BOOM BOOM BOOM,” and yet that’s exactly how Eons, a media company that caters to the 50-plus crowd, chose to announce its receipt of a fresh $22 million in funding. It looks like there’s plenty o’ life in Eons yet (and hopefully in its users, as well).

Cranky Boomers Get A Search Engine

The arrival of Cranky.com comes with features its founder, Jeff Taylor of Monster.com fame, thinks will be well received by the 50 and over crowd.

Eons: For Life (And Death) After 50

Imagine that you’re reading through your computer’s “alerts” one morning. There’s a Windows update available, your anniversary is in one week, and, by the way, Bob died. That last piece of information would be brought to you courtesy of Eons, a new website for people “50 plus everything.”