Eolas Articles

Texas Jury Kills Patent Troll That Claimed To Own The Interactive Web

It’s a good day when patent trolls get what’s coming to them – a slap in the face by a federal jury. Eolas Technologies may be the biggest patent troll the Internet has ever seen. The company, alongside the University …

Microsoft, Eolas Interact To Settle Suit

The long-running battle over technology in Internet Explorer appears to have come to a finale, as Eolas informs its shareholders the case has been settled.

Microsoft’s Flashy Failure

In 2004, Microsoft lost an important lawsuit to Eolas Technologies.

Flash Facing IE Popups Over Eolas

Due to Microsoft’s patent fight with Eolas Technologies, Microsoft has an update planned for Internet Explorer that may hinder the way Flash content appears in IE browsers visiting certain websites.

Eolas Scores Win On Microsoft Over Patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ruled in favor of the University of California and their offshoot Eolas Technology and against Microsoft in a patent case that’s been floating around for nearly a decade.

Microsoft Scores Reversal of Eolas Ruling

A federal appeals court has reversed a judgment against Microsoft concerning a lawsuit that awarded Eolas Technologies $250 million.