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What ‘Thinking Like Zuck’ Could Mean For Your Business What ‘Thinking Like Zuck’ Could Mean For Your Business
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Not everyone loves all of Facebook’s policies and practices, but one thing that’s hard to argue against is Founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s entrepreneurial success. Have you learned anything about business from the Facebook story? Let us know in the comments. Think …

Cain’s Arcade Makes A Huge Splash

Caine Monroy is a smart 9 year old. He spent his summers helping his dad at the auto parts store his family owned in East LA. One day Caine had a brilliant idea to build an arcade out of the …

Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

Feeling empowered personally is important to everyone. No one wants to think their opinions, ideas, and contributions have little value to their employer. Unfortunately, too many people feel their workplace doesn’t provide them with recognition or sufficient opportunities for personal growth. Too many employees sense they lack empowerment on the job.

Thoughts From An Introverted Entrepreneur

For those of you that have not heard yet, yesterday (February 24th) was the big kick-off for Entrepreneurship Week USA.

I had not really heard about this event before, but it has been brought up on a number of blogs that I read, so I thought I’d go check it out.  As a passionate, but introverted advocate of entrepreneurship, I thought I’d look into the event and what it means.

Entrepreneurship (What Was I Thinking?)

I know this is a little off topic, but since Michael has been discussing how to get your own SEO company off the ground and growing, and due to the week Michael and I just suffered through, I had to remind myself frequently on why I traded in my previous “easy” life as a corporate suit, with a cushy job, limited responsibilities, manageable workload, consistent salary and paid health care for this life of entrepreneurship.

The Journey Into Entrepreneurship

For most of us there comes a day when we toy with the idea of starting a small business; work stress and frustrated career goals can often leave us thirsting for autonomy and starting a small business seems to fit the bill.

The Resurgence of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has made a resurgence, in recent years, as a viable career option for many people.

Independent Business: Changing Your Focus

Independent business and entrepreneurship are hallmarks of the new breed of business in the New Millenium.

Women Managers Leaving Corporations for Entrepreneurship

Increasingly, women managers are choosing to “opt out” when corporations fail to meet their professional needs.

Entrepreneurship Alive and Well in the US

The entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in the U.S., according to findings from a new nationwide study, revealing that 47% of U.S. adults have taken initial steps toward starting their own business or supplementing their income.

Entrepreneurship: What does it REALLY mean?

In a world where ideas drive economies, it is no wonder that innovation and entrepreneurship are often seen as inseparable bedfellows.

Entrepreneurship … Do YOU Have What It Takes?

Fully one in ten adults in the United States today is an entrepreneur. This phenomenon is by no means restricted to North America. The leading country for entrepreneurship is Brazil with one in eight adults an entrepreneur. Australia is not far behind the U.S. with one in twelve. These countries – Brazil, the United States and Australia – lead the way. Contrast, for example, Germany (one in 25), the United Kingdom (one in 33), Finland and Sweden (one in 50) and Ireland and Japan (less than one in 100). (Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2000.)