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Why Enterprise 2.0 Will Not Transform Organizations…

While doing some RSS feeds catchup, I actually bumped again into a weblog post that I have been meaning to share a thought or two for a little while now since it has been out there in the open for a few weeks already.

Enterprise 2.0 in a Box

A small dream of mine came true. We’ve been preaching an ecosystem of tools for some time now. We’ve helped customers stitch them together in interesting ways.

Enterprise 1.0 – 2.0 Gap

Mark Masterson highlights the need for Enterprise 2.0 to work with Enterprise 1.0:

Enterprise 2.0 Beyond the Office

As Rod Boothby points out, there are a lot of definitions flying around for similar things when it comes to Web 2.0 and the Enterprise.

Optimize Enterprise 2.0

Optimize Magazine has an article by Howard Greenstein on Enterprise 2.0:

Enterprise 2.0

Harvard Professor Andrew McAfee: