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Top Ad + Top Organic = Buy

Searchers are more likely to consider purchasing, to remember specific brands, and to associate specific brands with keywords when ads are in the search results, according to a newly study from Enquiro.

The Difficulty With Grabbing Attention In Search
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Those much-revered top five placements on search engines for a given set of keywords only draws the viewer’s attention for seven seconds. Gord Hotchkiss sees this short attention span as a call to brands to keep doing their market research.

Eye Tracking Expert Takes On Google-Baidu Rivalry

Google’s not doing too well in China, and a variety of reasons have been given to explain this poor performance.  But fact is better than conjecture, and eye tracking is a preferred (and interesting) way of obtaining insight into these matters.  So Enquiro’s Gord Hotchkiss conducted a Google vs. Baidu study.

Baidu Rivalry
Baidu Rivalry
SMX: Personalized Search – Fear or Not?

Despite the session’s title, the Q&A quickly devolved into less of a discussion of “Fear or Not” and more into “Why did you do this to us, Google?!” (Followed closely by the response, “You’re not normal. Er, a regular user.”)

SEMPO Elects Board Members for 2007

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) has officially announced this year’s board of directors.

What Searchers Think When Looking at Results

What are searchers thinking when they stare down a list of search results? Actually, the first thing to keep in mind is that searchers don’t stare at search results. They don’t even read them. They scan them. They quickly skim the page hunting for the word they typed into the search box, along with a few other words they’re thinking but didn’t bother typing.

New Enquiro Eye Tracking Study

Enquiro’s original study used eye tracking technology to quantify what user interactions with the Google search results page looked like.

Web Analytics World: Celebrity Writer Week

At Web Analytics World, I am very proud to feature Celebrity (guest) writer week.

Rogers: Google Should Track Your Eyeballs
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ZDNet Google blogger Garett Rogers has suggested an upgrade to Google Analytics, where Google tracks your eye movements by following your mouse around the screen.

Googles Golden Triangle

“It’s not the searcher, it’s the engine,” said Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO of Canadian search engine marketing firm, Enquiro. Hotchkiss, presenting at SES Chicago last week, was relaying some telling eye-tracking data, comparing where users’ eyes fall on major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Google, with its “Golden Triangle” eye-tracking pattern, seems to produce results faster than the others.

Understanding Searchers: Will They Find You?

“Search is the hottest topic in marketing. Period,” states the website for the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference, which will feature sessions dealing more with search strategies.

Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing a growing trend of e-Business professionals seeking to understand the behavior patterns of web users. “It’s important for marketers to understand where in the buying funnel their customers are most likely to use a search engine to help in their purchase,” Enquiro President and CEO Gord Hotchkiss said in “Inside the Mind of the Searcher.”