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It’s Time To Fan Facebook’s Potential

Facebook Fan pages present another way to promote one’s website and benefit from their presence in search engines.

Microsoft Webmaster Portal Live in Beta

MSN Webmaster Portal was announced in August and was to be released into beta in September and be fully accessible by the end of November, however very little has been released since the initial announcement. Until now.

BlogWorld: SEO Tips For Bloggers
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WebProNews is in Las Vegas this week at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo. In the session "Search Engine Optimization: Best Practices", the speakers focused on SEO tips for bloggers.

Organic SEO vs. PPC?
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So, what’s it going to be?  Spend the time and effort cultivating your organic search engine marketing plan or just offer up the cash and invest in a pay-per-click program? Which is better for you?  Both?

Building Your Own Local Search Engine

Quite a few bloggers out there have clued-in to how using Eurekster’s Swickis on their blogs can be a cool feature enhancement, providing custom thematic search engines for their users.

Misspellings: The Fate of the Keywords Meta Tag

Meta Tags were once a major player in SEO. With the advancement of search engine algorithms, meta tags become less and less significant. The description meta tag is still used for your search engine snippets, but the keywords meta tag has been disregarded by all the major search engines.

IAC: Ask.com Growth Offset By Lending Tree

Search & Media performed well for IAC, but the continued troubles in the housing market reduced the impact of Ask’s gains.

How Stumbleupon’s Beating Google, Yahoo & MSN

Stumbleupon is one of may favorite social media sites, Not only can it drive traffic that matches or often exceeds that of Digg, stumbleupon users are much less critical/confrontation/judgmental than the typical Digg user.

Yes, Google Admits Torching Your PageRank
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Paid links proved the PageRank undoing for search professionals as well as for prominent sites like The Washington Post, but only recently did Google confess to doing this.

Yahoo: Pay No Attention To Site Explorer
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Logged in to Site Explorer? Logged out? Those inlink counts looked different because they were, according to Yahoo Search.

Search Engine Fatigue Infects Many Users

Carpal tunnel syndrome . . . eyestrain . . . and search engine fatigue.  Yes, there’s now one more problem from which deskbound people are likely to suffer.

Penalties of Spamming Wikipedia
Spam Wikipedia, and you will end up in one of the most dreaded places in the World Wide Web. Imagine a place where your site appears in the ‘Spammer Blacklist’ and Yahoo! And Google give you the cold shoulder.

Controlling Your (Expanding) Google Sitelinks

Google’s announcing some big changes with their Sitelinks feature.

SMX Rewind

So much covered, seen and happened in just two days. From FaceBook to Wikipedia and everything about social media in between. Finally, we wind up and take a dekko at all that we and everyone else from the SEM community have covered:

Office Live To Offer Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Watch reported that Microsoft has added Search Engine Marketing to the services Office Live businesses can use to help grow their websites.

Google’s Little Ad Budget

The Associated Press has an article about Google and the fact that the company barely advertises, especially when compared with its competitors.

Which Search Engines Can Track USPS Packages?

After a recent online order confirmation, I checked the major engines to see which can link directly to the shipment tracking page by entering in the US Postal Service tracking number into the search box.

The results: Google and Windows Live tracked it. Yahoo and Ask.com returned no results. Google-powered AOL and MySpace (when searching the web through it – and MySpace IS a search engine) also didn’t return anything.

Iheard: Internet Radio Search Engine

Recently FUSA Capital Corp launched iheard, a search engine for music, sports and talk radio stations.

About the search engine:

Yahoo Still Top Search Engine In Japan
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In many technological aspects, Japan’s got America beat.  Hands-down, where-is-my-robot-butler beat.  Which makes me wonder about the implications of Yahoo’s continued success in that country.

Search Update Rolling At Yahoo

The latest ‘weather report’ from Yahoo Search said an ongoing update should wrap up very soon.

Sina Strengthens Its Search Engine And Portal

We all know about Internet censorship in China – search engines may or (more probably) may not return results for any sensitive queries.  But now, when Sina wants to deliver an answer, it will be able to do so more reliably.

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