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Bing Adding Info from Encyclopedia Britannica Among Search Results

Are you one of the many bibliophilic polymaths overcome with lament since the Encyclopedia Britannica announced it will no longer produce print editions and instead go the way the rest of the print industry appears to be going and focus on exclusively online content? Don’t weep too heavily, dear readers, because Encyclopedia Britannica has teamed up with Bing to hopefully …

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Feeling Nostalgic For the Encyclopedia Britannica? [Video]

I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic these past few days, especially in light of the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s recent decision to stop printing hard copies of their reference set. For years the Britannica was our “key to the information age,” whatever that means, and now that they’re gone, I don’t know how kids are going to get their reports done when …

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Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops Print Edition

244 years after the very first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica went into print, it was announced today that it will no longer happen. In the age of Wikipedia, Britannica had a hard time keeping up when there is a constant need for “instant gratification.” The books, which are priced at $1,395 for the 20101 edition, have been a point …

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