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Sony To Offer eMusic Its Older Catalog

Sony Music Entertainment has struck a deal with eMusic to sell songs from Sony Music’s back catalog on the eMusic website.

Sony Music is the first of the four major labels to reach an agreement with eMusic to sell songs.

Beginning in the third quarter, eMusic will offer its U.S. subscribers classic recordings from all Sony Music labels, such as Arista, Columbia, Epic, Jive, LaFace and RCA. Artists include Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, Leonard Cohen and Outkast.

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Who’s #2 In Music Downloads?

Amazonmp3 Earlier this week USA Today

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Can eMusic Survive The New Amazon Store?

Second only to iTunes, eMusic has carved a significant niche in the scattered download marketplace with a subscription service offering plans starting at 30 tracks per month for $9.99. But how will Amazon’s new mp3 store effect eMusic; and how will labels who will be getting higher payouts from Amazon react?

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AT&T Partners With eMusic

AT&T has announced a deal with eMusic, in which mobile subscribers will be able to download music to their mobile phones.

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Free Trials Convert To Paid Subscribers

Paid content sites offer free trials to users hoping to turn them into subscribers. MarketingSherpa signed up for free trials with 50 content providers to explore what methods can be effective in attracting subscribers.

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Steve Jobs Speaks Out Against DRM

Apple has been the object of much ire concerning the encoding of its

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2007: The Year that DRM Died

This year promises to mark even more innovations in the realms of marketing, search, and digital music technology. The greatest feat of 2007 may not come in terms of an addition, but rather the removal of Digital Rights Management (DRM) practices from online music stores such as iTunes and the Zune marketplace.

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eMusic Turns Content Up To Eleven

The independent music site adds thousands of songs to its catalog, which can also be accessed from Yahoo’s new Audio Search service.

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Sun Records Rises Again

Agreement with eMusic lets its subscribers have access to tracks from the original rock n’ roll record label.

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