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Yahoo, Firefox Partner In Asian Market

In China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, the default homepage and search engine in Mozilla’s Firefox browser will be provided by Yahoo instead of Google.

Monster Releases Local Employment Index Results

Monster has released the results of its Local Employment Index for the month of July. They show that online job recruitment activity has declined in 14 of the top 28 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Trends in responding to on-line employment postings

Back in the olden days (5 years ago or so), the common way to reply to jobs on career Web sites was to e-mail employers your resume as the main initial contact method.

Company Culture Your Best Employment Branding

The signs are in – the employment trend in Singapore is picking up again. As the republic continue to do well economically and register better-than-expected growth, investors’ confident will climb and business will expand. Good news for job seekers, especially those who had just graduated and those who has been retrenched last year – companies are hiring again.

Gracefully Accepting Feedback : a Key Employment Skill

With the long-term trend of protecting employees’ individual self esteem added to an overriding concern over expensive employee lawsuits, accountability is more a buzzword than a way of life at most companies.

Techniques for Finding Telecommuting Employment
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It seems everyone wants to do it: Work from home, that is. Whether it’s being able to work in their pajamas, or getting to spend some extra time with their children, something is prompting people to consider giving up their day job to look for this “alternative” form of employment. The only problem seems to be actually finding a work-from-home job! Where are these companies that have openings for telecommuters? In the paragraphs that follow, you will learn how to research and find home-based employment.

Job and Career Success – Tips and Advice

This article describes effective methods for career development and points to helpful online services. Overview of job banks and employment services, self marketing, resume tips creation, cover letter, interview with employer tips, part time jobs, services offering online job and more.

The Biggest Employment Change of All – Becoming an Entrepreneur

For many of us, change can be a scary thing. When we are children, there is nothing better than meeting new friends and going to new places. But, when we become adults, change can be something that is less than appealing.

Is There Employment After 50?

I’m the “Ask the Expert” for some websites, and lately I’ve been getting questions about employment after 50. Since many of my clients are in midlife career transitions, I can tell you firsthand – yes, there is life after 50.

Creating Your Own Employment Security
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“Well, it’s happening. My employer, the County Health and Welfare System, is buying me out. I leave in April, 2002. Seems like a long time from now, but I know it’s really just around the corner. So how do I evaluate my skills? And how do I begin a new career? And how do I deal with the fear of the unknown, of the lack of income (other than the retirement check), of maybe working alone out of this office?”