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Analysts Expect CEOs To Communicate…

If you reject all the other research and rationale for CEOs to communicate with employees-especially during times of change and stress-you should pay attention to the recently released “Return on Reputation” survey.

Yahoo Claims Former Employees Stole Secrets

AP reports Yahoo is suing seven former exployees, alleging that they stole trade secrets when they left to start MForma Group Inc.

Counseling Under Performing Employees

Fred, the new manager, was working with Grant, an employee who wasn’t getting his work done.

Employee Communications is the Chicken…

Marketing is the egg.

Google Seeks Beta Employees

A job posting for technical solutions specialists via a temp agency could be a sign that Google is trying to rein in its employee expenses.

Googlers Warned Against Gossiping

A tipster to Valleywag says Google employees have been warned against sending tips or passwords to Google’s intranet to the fast-rising Valley gossip blog.

Internal Open Source Marketing

Open source marketing is a great notion, but it’s slow to catch on.

Employees Shopping At Work!

Hysteria in the form of statistics is making another appearance, and no doubt thousands of business leaders will jerk their Italian suit-covered knees and take steps to do something about it.

HR Watch 2005

Company policy asking employees to report union “harassment” violated the National Labor Relations Act.

Does Target Need a Blog?

Does Target need a blog? The short answer is Yes and No. A Customer Blog is Overkill for Target …

Scoble Deletes Anti-Google Post

Microsoft’s Chief Blogger Robert Scoble pulled a anti-Google post from his blog yesterday. I’m reprinting it here (thanks to the Bloglines cache) for you to peruse…

Parenting Your Employees to Better Performance

Have you ever worked for someone who was such a micro-manager that it drove you crazy? And have you ever worked for someone who was so hands-off that you felt like a lone warrior on the battlefield?

Interesting Interview With One Of Microsoft’s First Employees

Fun day yesterday. Was on the Gillmor Gang, then went off to interview Marc McDonald.

Nonqualified Salary Continuation Plans : A Powerful Fringe Benefit for Key Employees

Every business has key employees-people who make those important decisions that affect profits.

Teamsters Union and Service Employees International Union Leave Labor Federation

Two unions have dropped out of the labor federation to form their own group, the Change to Win Coalition. These two unions are the Teamsters Union and the Service Employees International Union.

Colin Powell Joins Kleiner Perkins After Inspiring Google Visit

Former Secretary of State and celebrated general Colin Powell has joined Kleiner Perkins, the venture capital firm which funded Google in the early days.

Your Employees Read My Articles On Company Time

A survey from service provider AOL and career site Salary.com say employees spend two hours a day surfing the Web.

GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler Make America Their Employees

GM extends its employee discount promotion after a big gain in sales; Ford offers a similar promotion to match.

Is Your Management Style Assisting or Hurting Your Business?
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Many times business owners can have significant differences in management styles that can deter the growth of both the employees and the business.

Blogs: No substitute for personal communication and trust in the workplace

PR Week published a pretty good piece about policies and guidelines for employee blogging last week.

Winn-Dixie To Shed Stores and Employees

Winn-Dixie announced plans to cut about 22,000 jobs as it closes 36% of its stores across the U.S. and in the Bahamas in an effort to improve the company’s financial performance.