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YouTube Steps Towards Widescreen
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All the latest televisions have embraced this format, and now YouTube (sort of) has, as well: video search results are being displayed in a widescreen ratio.  It’s not clear when this feature might make the jump to the videos themselves, however.

Google Has About 900 Millionaires, Some Leaving
The Guardian has an article about rich Google employees leaving, and they say a report quoted Google as having as many as 900 millionaires. Considering that Google has 12,238 employees (as of March 31), and had only 6,790 employees a year ago, that’s a pretty significant percentage.

Google: ‘We Worry Every Day About This’

Everyone wants a great job, but for most people, that job is just a means to an end – money.  So – even though Google is famous for its employee perks – the company is starting to sweat, because many of the earliest Googlers will soon gain the right to cash in the last part of their pre-IPO options.

Encourage Career Self-Management – Take the Heat off of HR

Is tackling talent management one of your goals this year? Employees are becoming more demanding, and topping their list is professional growth and development.

Insider Threats

Organizations in many ways contribute the actions of their employees.

Italy Investigates Google Employees

Now this is interesting. Italian prosecutors are investigating two Google Italy employees as part of an inquiry into how a violent video appeared on Google Video

Duncan Riley leaves B5 Media

I was just over at Robyn Tippins blog. She blogs for B5 Media and reports that Duncan Riley, vice president of development for B5 Media has left B5.

HR Surveys: A Glimpse into your Employee’s Minds

There was one movie where a teacher gave all of her students an initial grade of A. When asked why she did that, she said that it is harder to maintain this high grade rather than starting from scratch and earning it.

Podcasting Could Resurrect Employee Comm

There were so many concepts, and so much information packed into Shel Holtz’ presentation on using podcasts for internal communication at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, that we’ll have to save the fanfare and just jump right into it.

Motivate with an Employee Incentive Program

Employee incentive programs are designed to reward employees that have excelled in their work. A reward scheme motivates employees to meet and exceed targets and adds to the overall performance of the company.

Giving Employee Performance A Boost

We have all experienced being singled out because of a mistake or a misdeed many times throughout our lives. But rarely do we get noticed for doing something good.

Calacanis Wigs Out On Non-Blogging Employees

Weblogs Inc. CEO and AOL executive Jason Calacanis has a bone to pick with AOL employees not taking his directive to launch their blogs before he counts to three. His new directive: blog or die, man.

Are Employees Really Your Most Precious Asset?

I have yet to walk into a company during my thirty five years in the industry that didn’t have some form of this statement about the value of employees printed somewhere.

Protect Employees Against Identity Theft

As more and more Americans are becoming victims of identity theft, many employers are increasing their level of security to protect their employees.

Knowledge Can Leave with Employees

I left more than a gig of email at Microsoft. And that was after deleting all the crud out of it. What knowledge was in there?

AOL Employees Don’t Use AOL Search

AOL has been consistently 4th place in terms of search share, and Jason Calacanis thinks he knows why – because AOL sucks to search with. Calacanis, who joined AOL after the company bought his blog network, Weblogs Inc., slammed his parent company’s woeful search presentation on his weblog.

Microsoft May Limit Employees’ Admin Rights
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Due to one of the new features in Windows Vista, many Microsoft employees may have their administrative privileges taken away. Most of the people employed by the software giant currently have full admin rights on their desktop PCs, but this is unusual state of affairs for a corporation. The change would be made to improve security.

Successful Entrepreneurs Need Employee Ownership

“Every individual…intends only his own gain….By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it.”

Web 2.0: Knowledge Sharing

In the case of the Web 2.0 Watermill, there are primarily four areas where technology is beginning to facilitate a vastly improved Internet: knowledge collection, knowledge discovery, knowledge building, and knowledge sharing.

Companies Blocking Employees from Reading RSS

I dream of a world without prejudice. Wars will be a distant memory. No child will go to bed hungry. A organizations will trust their employees enough to let them subscribe to RSS feeds.

Are Your Supply Chain Management Employees Thinking Domestic or Global?

Global supply chain management has emerged as a major topic in the age of globalization and now it is sitting at the heart of the whole system.

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