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EMI on DRM: Show Us The Money First

Earlier this month, rumors began swirling around EMI’s supposed efforts to extend the olive branch to online music retailers by considering the prospect of making the company’s audio catalog available in a non-DRM hindered format.

EMI Considers Pulling the Plug on DRM

Earlier this week, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter in which he criticized the major record labels for demanding stringent copy-protection technology that limits the flexibility of the music to be played across different device platforms.

Representatives from Warner have rebuffed Jobs’ assertion that the elimination of DRM would bolster the online music market, citing potential privacy concerns.

EMI, however, is rumored to be looking at ways to unlock the DRM on its musical catalogue.

AOL & EMI Offer Free Music Videos

In a time where the pricing and distribution of online music and video is the object of a fair amount of scrutiny, there are companies looking for alternatives that will make the arguments null and void. The European divisions of AOL have and EMI announced an deal offering streaming music videos through an ad-supported model.

Baidu & EMI To Offer Streaming Music

Baidu and EMI Music have agreed on a deal to launch an ad-supported streaming music service to Chinese users. Under the terms of the deal, Baidu will set up a page entitled the “EMI Music Zone” as part of its music search channel.

Baidu, EMI Partner, Launch Music Service

A search engine will soon provide its users with free music, but before you get too excited, know that the tunes are mostly Chinese in origin. And even fans of Asian music shouldn’t get too worked up, because the initial offering will be a streaming service (as opposed to a download service). Nonetheless, any and all thanks should be directed to Baidu and EMI.

SpiralFrog Adds EMI Music Catalog

On the heels of startup SpiralFrog’s agreement with Universal Music Group, the soon-to-be free music download service also signed on EMI Music Publishing to expand its online catalog.

CDs From Sony BMG, EMI, Secure Against iPods

Since new compact discs from the two music distributors use Microsoft’s digital rights management, music can’t be moved to an iPod.

EMI Joins Universal, Sony, On Authorized Music Sharing

A deal inked with tech firm Snocap links EMI with the two largest music companies and may lead to legal peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing.