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YouTube Has Official Minimum Embed Size YouTube Has Official Minimum Embed Size

I sure love embedding YouTube videos onto blogs, this Web site and pretty much everywhere else on the Web. The joy of embedding brings with it a decision though – what size should I make the embed? We have our …

Embedded Video Woes and Google Reader
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Ever had trouble getting your embedded videos to show up in Google Reader? You’re not alone. Apparently your site has to be on a whitelist for it to work for you. For example, YouTube videos work, because YouTube is on the list. WordPress videos don’t, because Wordpress is not on the list.

Somebody complained about the problem in a Google Groups post, and was met with a response from a Google Reader Engineeer, Mihai Parparita:

YouTube Takes Their Embedded Videos More Seriously
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44% of YouTube users watch embedded videos. To be clear, that is not 44% of the site’s total views as NewTeeVee points out, but still nearly half of users are watching videos from other sites, blogs, social media profiles, etc.