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Here’s What The Guy Who Wrote The Book On Twitter Thinks About Its Directory And Embeddable Timelines Widget

Twitter has recently launched a user profile directory and an embeddable timelines widget. The two features are fairly unrelated, but since we had the opportunity to converse with Mark Schaefer, author of The Tao Of Twitter, we thought we’d pick his brain about them. The Twitter Profile Directory “It has been frustratingly difficult finding users on Twitter unless you know …

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Google Buzz Is Still Part Of The Twitter Conversation

I’m not going to lie. I kind of wanted an excuse to try out Twitter’s new embeddable timelines, but I couldn’t help but notice that there still seems to be an odd amount of mentions of Google Buzz going through Twitter even today, nearly a year after its official demise. Why are so many people tweeting about Google Buzz? Tweets …

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Twitter Launches New Embeddable Timelines

Twitter launched embeddable tweets (though we’re partial to our own SocialDitto) late last year, but now they’re taking things a step further. The company is launching a new way to embed interactive timelines of tweets on any website. “Whether it’s an author’s Tweets alongside their blog, a hashtag about an event like #DNC2012, or a list of competitors at the …

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