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Do Paywalls Scare Off Media Professionals? Do Paywalls Scare Off Media Professionals?
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Paywalls seem to be straightforward: users pay to gain access to content. What could be simpler? The internet, however, with its ability to infinitely copy and immediately disseminate information, quickly makes whatever lurks behind paywalls worthless. The only paywalls that …

BigCommerce Launches Pinterest Integration BigCommerce Launches Pinterest Integration

BigCommerce, the world’s fastest growing e-commerce platform, has announced the launch of its new Pinterest integration. The company, which presently hosts roughly 25,000 clients, was established in 2009 in Sydney, and currently has offices in Austin, TX. Merchants who use …

Social Media Marketing Trends [Infographic] Social Media Marketing Trends [Infographic]

Pagemodo has just submitted a new infographic on the results of a recent survey on the marketing benefits afforded by social media networking: Of all the businesses queried, 90% say that they use social media for marketing, and 93% of …

Blinkx Misses Sales Predictions Blinkx Misses Sales Predictions
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Video index and advertising firm blinkx is rapidly expanding, though failed to meet analysts’ projections, according to their report. blinkx, based in San Francisco and London, reported a 12-month revenue of $114 million, less than the $121.5 million analysts had …

eMarketing Talkshow

This Friday I will be doing an online radio interview with eMarketing Talkshow about “Push and Pull Online Public Relations”. I’ll be talking with Cindy Turrietta about the market opportunity with online PR, explaining the concept of push and pull with examples of each as well as considerations on measuring results.

E-Marketing News Alert: Blog Readers Young, Rich, and Male

The citizen journalism phenomenon known as blogging has now reached the attentive and contemplative eyes of one third of the Internet population according to statistics released by comScore Networks. That’s 50 million sets of eyeballs, the majority of which, according to Gawker, seems to be connected to (gasp) upper middle class young males. And with that news, e-marketers around the country are calling emergency meetings as we speak.

Two “Must’s” in e-Marketing

-Must make them see you in 60 characters or less.

Where do you advertise? Links, FFA’s, Classified ads, opt-in email, news groups, message boards, search engines? All of them are limited in how many characters you can use. In the ocean of ads, you have to grab the viewers attention, then make them click.