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House Panel Unanimously Passes Email Privacy Amendment

The ECPA amendment that would require government agencies to obtain a warrant when accessing email hasn’t made much headway since the Senate Judiciary Committee approved it back in April. Now the House is trying to make sure email privacy is here to stay with a different strategy. The Hill reports that Rep. Kevin Yoder added an amendment to the Fiscal …

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Google, Facebook And Others Are Fighting To Protect Your Email Privacy

Remember the ECPA? The bill, and others like it, would require government officials to obtain a warrant before requesting emails and other communication data from any Internet service provider. Some in government don’t like that proposed requirement very much, and are now fighting against it. The Hill reports that the Justice Department and the SEC have formally asked the Senators …

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Some Obama Administration Officials Have Secret Email Addresses [Report]

President Obama’s appointees to various government agencies use a secret email unknown to anyone outside of government, according to a report released today. The AP reports that some of Obama’s appointees, including Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, were given a secret email address. The news agency discovered the existence of these secret emails after a thorough review …

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