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Elliot Rodger: Videos Spell Out Plans to Murder

The story emerging of Elliot Rodger’s violent musings prior to going on a deadly rampage Friday is disturbing to say the least. From social media postings to YouTube videos, Rodger’s violent rants hinted at the coming massacre. His parents, who are in “deep, deep grief” over the shooting, even tried to step in before Friday’s shooting spree. In April, Rodger’s …

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Elliot Rodger: A Creep Who Couldn’t Take Rejection?

Elliot Rodger was walking validation for any and every woman who ever felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up when approached by certain men. Clearly by his actions, every woman who rejected the man who is blamed for the carnage in Santa Barbara, Calif. was right to do so. His drive-by shootings resulted seven confirmed deaths …

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