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Elian Gonzalez: Where Is He 15 Years Later?

Elian Gonzalez was a boy torn between two homes. Elian Gonzalez, at just six years old in 1999, was taken by his mother aboard a homemade raft with 10 other people who were all trying to escape the harsh economic times in Cuba. The raft sank, killing all of the adults, leaving Elian Gonzalez alone on an innertube. He was …

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Elian Gonzalez Leaves Cuba, Slams the U.S.

If you’re thinking that it doesn’t seem that long ago that young Elian Gonzalez was making headlines after being found in an inner tube off the coast of Florida, think again. It is now 14 years later and that cute little 6-year-old is a 20-year-old young man. He is now making headlines again after offering up a harsh criticism of …

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