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Elf On The Shelf Birthday Tradition

For all of you that participate in the “Elf on the Shelf” tradition…how many times have you forgotten to move that pesky elf before your kids woke up in the morning? For me, it’s a daily challenge to remember to help my elf get into mischief. Creator and author of the popular “Elf on the Shelf”, Carol V. Aebersold, gives …

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Elf Bike: Cross Between Car & Bicycle

Mark Stewart turns quite a few heads as he makes his way down the road on his neon green ELF bike, which very closely resembesFred Flinstone’s footmobile. “It reminds me of when I saw a Smart car the first time,” said Joanne Bury as she came out of her home to get a look at the vehicle. “This is incredible. …

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