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The Google Government in 2008
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It has been a big year for Google in a number of capacities. The company constantly begins new projects, and many are ones that have a tremendous impact on users’ lives. Whether that be something as simple as allowing video chat in Gmail, tracking the flu virus, or helping to educate the young.

Digg’s Record Election Day Exposes Holes

As you may have read, Yahoo News was the number one site for traffic the night of the U.S. Presidential election. While they may have had the most traffic of anybody on the web, they were certainly not the only ones to experience record numbers. Digg, for example received the most traffic in the site’s history.. Unfortunately for some users, this led to problems using it.

Obama Gets Online Video
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Well, we know it’s important for businesses to be transparent online. This is one of the reasons often cited for running a corporate blog.

Why Yahoo News Was Number One on Election Night
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You may have heard that Yahoo News was the most popular site on the night of the United States Presidntial Election ten days ago. Now comScore has confirmed this along with some numbers for other sources making up the top five:

Yahoo’s Flickr Sees Big Traffic Boost from Obama Shots
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At a time when Yahoo is struggling through job cuts, failed Google deals, and rejected ideas of the company still getting offers from Microsoft, at least one Yahoo property – Flickr – got

Google Docs Petition Calls for White House Garden
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Have you ever been involved with a petition using Google Docs? If so Google wants to know about it. Right now, they’re highlighting one in particular that is calling for the next President (which we now know will be Barack Obama) to plant an organic farm on the grounds of the White House.

The petition comes from Daniel Bowman Simon and Casey Gustowarow who ride around the country in a double-decker bus made out of two school buses that have been fused together. On top of the bus is a garden.

The Internet Helps To Shape the Election
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Well, here we are. Today is the day. Voters all over the country are making their way to the booths, each to put their own little nail in the coffin of this presidential race that has seemingly been going on for an eternity. This has been the most captivating race I have seen in my lifetime, and many say that this is one of the most important elections the U.S. has ever seen.

YouTube Wants You To “Video Your Vote”
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YouTube is encouraging voters today to take their video cameras with them and document the scene at their polling place. The video site has teamed up with PBS and is including these videos on a Google Maps mash-up.

Facebook Leaves its Mark On Elections

There is no denying that the Internet has had a profound impact on this U.S. Presidential race. I have discussed this at length in a previous article. Google has contributed a lot to this, but they are by no means the only Internet entity that has played a role.

Ask.com Helps Users With Election Poll Times

Ask.com, a web site that offers search for web sites, images, news, blogs, video, maps and directions, local search and shopping, launched their new “Election Poll Smart Answers” that gives you local polling information in just one click: and it’s a lot faster and easier than any other major search engine.

Ask.com Smart Answers are special search results placed at the top of the Ask.com search results page that have quick facts and links to authoritative content from highly respected sources.

Big Celebrities: Use Google to Find Voting Info
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Google has a site where you can find your local voting information through Google Maps by searching for your home address. In an effort to get as many people to take advantage of this as possible (and ultimately vote), a lot of  big stars have come together in a public service announcement video to encourage viewers to do so.

Google Helps Volunteers Recruit Voters

Recently Google launched a couple tools for helping people find out the information they need to vote on November 4th. They created a site based on Google Maps, and a Google Gadget supplying essentially the same info. To use these, you would search for your address, and then you would be provided with information like how to register to vote in your state, your state’s election website, and the location at which you are supposed to vote.

Google Points Voters To The Info They Need

Google has noticed a lack of organization on the web when it comes to information on voting. That includes registration info and simply where to go to vote. In an effort to combat this problem, they’ve put together a couple tools to help potential voters find such information.

Twitter Election Site Highlights New Media’s Relevancy
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Last night Twitter launched an Election site that features Tweets involving the presidential and vice presidential candidates rolling in almost faster than you can read them. In Twitter’s words, "We’re filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the presidential election and a new way for you to share your thoughts."

Presidential SEM

After writing several posts on SEO and the Presidential candidates, I started thinking, what would I do if I ran for President of the United States, in terms of online presence and search marketing.

CBS Partners with Digg on Election Coverage

Now here’s a strange partnership. CBS Interactive has announced a partnership with social bookmarking site Digg for online coverage of the 2008 election. Through the deal, Digg buttons will be added to CBS stories and Digg’s election related headlines will be displayed on CBSNews.com.

SEO and the Presidential Race

With the Presidential primaries well under way, it’s time for a follow-up to my March 2007 post about how the Presidential candidates rate for SEO.

Elections Gadget for iGoogle
A new gadget was created by the Google team for personalizing iGoogle’ homepage. The gadget will keep you up-to-date with all the big and small happenings related to the US elections, scheduled to take place in 2008.

Google Launches Elections 2008 Gadget
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Like it or not, the 2008 presidential election is approaching, and should you be in that first category, Google is ready to keep you informed with a new Elections 2008 gadget.

Google Follows Australian Election To The End

For fans of Kevin Rudd, the end of Australia’s elections was anything but bitter.  But Google was nonetheless there, continuing the election coverage that it first announced in September.

Internet Is Australia’s Election Battleground

No one’s claiming that a solid presence on Facebook or MySpace is, by itself, enough to win an election.  But it certainly doesn’t hurt, as Australian politician Kevin Rudd has discovered.

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