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Egypt Bomb Kills 3 Travelers And Bus Driver

A bomb has killed 3 tourists and a bus driver who were traveling near Sinai. The tourists were Korean and the driver was an Egyptian from the area. Egyptian officials are investigating the explosion but said it is not clear what caused it. They believe it could have been either a car bomb or a roadside bomb that was detonated …

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Egypt Says To Disregard US Warning About Pyramids

The US recently sent a warning to its citizens traveling in Egypt about the area surrounding the pyramids. Now Egypt is telling those same citizens that the warning is “baseless.” Last week, the US embassy in Egypt sent out a message to US citizens in the country telling them to be extra cautious around the pyramids. The embassy pointed to …

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Booze And Bikinis “Welcome” In Egypt Now

Booze and bikinis aren’t the first things that spring to mind when one thinks of Egypt, but the tourism minister says that despite a previous ban on both, visitors are now welcome to bare some skin and imbibe some spirits. Hisham Zaazou is looking to ramp up the tourism trade in the country after stories of Muslim groups calling for …

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