Windows Live Writer from Microsoft

Windows Live Writer from Microsoft

By Neville Hobson August 16, 2006

Another new entrant into the blog editing software market comes from Microsoft with their beta launch of Windows Live Writer.

How I Work

Fortune has a really cool series called “How I Work.” They interviewed an array of business leaders and celebrities about the tools and techniques they use to manage their day.

New ecto for Windows looks good
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The first post with the second beta of the forthcoming ecto for Windows version 2 offline blog editor.

QumanaXP Public Beta Launched

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying out the closed beta versions of QumanaXP, an offline blog editing tool that is available in versions for Windows and Mac platforms.

Filling the Market Gap for Offline Blog Editors

Some readers of this blog have left some great comments to my post last week about offline blog editors.

More Choices With Offline Blog Editors

I use an offline editor to write nearly all my blog posts. This means I’m not dependent on a network connection nor the vagaries of the internet between my PC and the hosting service (TypePad for this blog), or even my own server where I have my WordPress blog.

Blog from Performancing for Firefox

This is very nice indeed – Performancing, an extension for Firefox 1.5 that enables you to use write a post and publish it to your blog just by using Firefox.

Blogging with Flock

For the past couple of days, I’ve been playing with Flock, the new web browser. Not so much for its capabilities as a browser – and it is pretty good at that – but more its capability as a blog editing tool.

TypePad’s Growing Pains

TypePad seems to creaking under the strain of its own success. For some weeks now, I’ve been observing (and experiencing) constant server timeout problems when posting to this blog.

Constantly Waiting for TypePad

‘Waiting for TypePad…’ is a phrase I have now memorized when it comes to publishing posts to any of my blogs.

Making the most of ecto

At first sight, ecto seems to be a simple desktop client that allows you to author content for your blog. There are a couple of advantages desktop blog tools offer over control panels…

New BlogJet Version Released

BlogJet is a very good offline editing application for your blog. I’ve been using it for some months (I reviewed it in comparison with ecto for Windows, which I also use, in September).