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EconSM – Social Media Meets Deals

How do social media deals happen? How do you manage them? What deals are coming?

EconSM – Social Media Meets Mobile Media

Session Description: "Social media is changing the most social of devices, the mobile phone, at a time when more and more mobile devices aren’t just phones anymore. Just as PCs replaced minicomputers and laptops displaced desktops, we are seeing the beginning of handheld devices doing much of what full-fledged computers used to do. Handheld devices are the key to the next generation of social media; we’ll explore the ramifications of this switch.

EconSM – Social Media Meets Music

Session Description: "The music industry doesn’t look anything like it did even three years ago. Social networking services promise to build communities into all but the stodgiest standalone devices. Is this the future? Will contextual advertising play a role? What does the post-DRM world look like? What’s next?"

EconSM – Social Media Meets Marketing

(I’m at EconSM today.)

What Does Carson Daly Know About Social Media?

I have no idea, but he’s on the speaker lineup at the EconSM (economics of social media) conference put on by Paidcontent.org, being held on April 27th in Beverly Hills.