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Searchers Want To Know About The R Word

It should be the Frau Blucher of words and if we believe in that marketing genius that was "The Secret" we shouldn’t dare throw it out there. Nonetheless, the braver the media gets at using the "r" word, the more people are searching for it.

Thus, they’re all putting the energy out there like seeds and are waiting to reap the harvest.

Recession. There, I said it, now let’s get on with it.

Grim Financial Forecast For 2008

A new year is often accompanied by a large wave of optimism.  But in the UK, the standard "happy 2008" may have been followed by a less-cheerful "here’s hoping we’re not all screwed."

Increase Expected In 2008 Marketing Budgets

A friend recently told me about a loud, attention-catching commercial for a company’s going-out-of-business sale.  Only the friend had never before heard of the company.  Now, as the economy continues to look questionable, many places are preparing to increase their 2008 marketing budgets.

Search Insider Summit – Day 1 Pics
As has become the practice for me while blogging conferences, I take a lot of photos. Not as many as Tamar Weinberg, Barry Schwartz or even David Berkowitz, but quite a few.
More AOL Layoffs On The Way
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This coming Tuesday and Wednesday will not be remotely jolly for some AOL employees; according to various reports, another round of layoffs is in the making.

Chinese Virtual Economy A Threat To Middleman

The Middleman may never be terminated, but he is cruisin’ for a bruisin’ in the digital age. The latest assault will come, surprisingly, from China, as the government unveils plans to produce a 3D virtual world that allows consumers to order directly from the manufacturer.

Seattle Economy Still Tied To Microsoft

You’ve probably seen more than a few “used to be” towns; they “used to be” supported by coal, steel, or some other industry, but became troubled as times changed.  Now, although things are nowhere near that bad, some onlookers are questioning Microsoft’s role in Seattle.

Paid Links Economy

Measuring the quality of an ad system

Many bloggers and other website owners around the world aren’t selling their content these days, they’re financing their site with advertising. Almost every ad system seems to be a compromise. You can measure this compromise across different parameters: is the ad relevant? Is it unobtrusive? Is it disclosed? Is the product or service advertised fair to users? Is the ad directly influencing search engine rankings? Is the ad creating a conflict of interest? Is the ad obfuscating the voice of the website owner?

What Makes the Super Bloggers Great?

I started this article as a congratulatory note to David Armano, but I ended up using to do something I’ve been meaning to for a while, which is highlight some great blogs and talk about why I think they have been so successful, particularly over the last year.


Analyzing Attention

Read/Write Web had a good overview the attention economy the other week,written by Alex Iskold and edited by Richard MacManus.  They suggest information overload will be solved through personalization and explain the trust issues of information metadata.  Unfortunately, the analysis is flawed on both the cause and scope of the solution.

Perhaps Entrepreneurs Can Stay East After All

A little while I ago, I wrote an article on this blog titled

Digg Experts
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While keeping informed and up to date about what is being written about Digg over the past several months I have come across a lot of information that really isn’t that insightful or in some cases is even just plain wrong.

Alternative Media Gains Credibility

Nearly half (49 percent) of senior executives surveyed recognize that reaching audiences only through traditional mass media is no longer effective.

Five Years of Blogging

When I sat down in my first economics class at UCLA, the professor wrote on the blackboard all we would learn, in really big letters:

The Virtually Taxable Imaginary Economy

If you thought your virtual assets were safe from government pick pocketing, think again. You know that pretend sword you sold for $500? The US government wants its cut.

Blogs, PPC and MySpace for Online Marketing

Kauffman eVenturing is featuring several new articles focused on helping entrepreneurs evaluate different aspects of online marketing, from search engine optimization and key word advertising to blogging, online publishing and using eBay as a distribution channel.

The MySpace Economy

Nial Kennedy has a round-up of stats about Technorati’s traffic. Much of it comes from MySpace.

Microsoft Plan To Boost Portugal Economy

Microsoft has said it will carry out 18 technology projects in Portugal as a way of boosting the country’s lagging economy.

DIY PR in a ‘Cheap’ Economy

Putting aside all the recent rhetoric and controversy surrounding Web 2.0 companies, a few facts remain, one of which is this: the costs associated with starting and running a business today are significantly lower than they were a few years ago.

Greenspan: Favorable Outlook for Economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan gave a mostly positive speech to the House Banking Committee saying that economic growth outlook is good, and the Fed should continue to raise interest rates.

Ten Ways To Profit In An Uncertain Economy

1. Sell more back end products to your existing customer base. You already created rapport, trust and proved your credibility to them.

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