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Google Hopes The Thought Really Counts
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We didn’t verify if Google really has a history of $20,000-$30,000 holiday bonuses for employees. Regardless of past amounts, Googlers are getting Google phone instead this year. There is, after all, an economic crisis going on.

It could be worse. Employees at a certain other search engine got pink slips. Still, one imagines it’s a hard come-down from being so pampered.

Part of the memo, courtesy of Valleywag, reads this way:

Automakers Cry to the Web

Who knew when socialism came to America it would be wearing a Brooks Brothers suit? Before I complain, I guess I have to say a bailout of the Big 3 seems necessary and suddenly fair. After all, the gov’t (Bush, …

Have A Backup Plan If You Rely On Google’s Services

While Google may be the darling of the tech industry, it’s not immune to the worsening economic conditions–aka the recession. A share price of just $275 is all the proof you need.

Donate For The Holiday Season By Using GoodShop.com
With the economy slipping, charities across the nation are bracing themselves for declining contributions this holiday season.

Utilizing Match Types Can Save Your SEM Dollars
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Google’s been offering some great AdWords tips lately. Specifically, they recently discussed the advantages of using the broad match option and the negative keyword option. Mike McDonald also spoke with Ken Jurina of Epiar about the negative keyword option in the following interview at PubCon.

At Least the Virtual Economy Isn’t Too Bad Yet
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More people might want to start using Second Life, because the economy in that world doesn’t seem to be as bad as that in reality. Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, released some data about their third quarter, with user hours reaching their highest ever.

Second Life User Hours

Google Not Immune to Economy?

So far, there haven’t been many signs that Google is having much trouble adapting to the economy. While companies all across the web are cutting jobs left and right, Google is brushing off deals with other major search engines that the other parties would kill to get done. CEO Eric Schmidt said in a NY Times interview the other day that Google was doing thing like:

What Future Lies Ahead For Marketers?

Some interesting data from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has been released. The data comes from 1,200 attendees of the ANA’s "Master of Marketing" conference, which was held last month in Orlando. These attendees were polled via handheld electronic device about a variety of topics related to marketing, budgets, and future plans.

Branding Through Social Networks

Google Comfortable Enough In Its Own Economic Shoes

Eric SchmidtGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt is a busy man as you can imagine, and has probably been even busier than usual recently, now that he has been named to the transitional economic advisory board of President-Elect Barack Obama at a time when the economy needs all the help it can get.

Yahoo Flushing More Jobs
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Yahoo is expected to announce some job cuts tomorrow as they announce their third quarter earnings. The number of cuts has been rumored to be anywhere between 1,000 and 3,500. The company is no stranger to letting go chunks of employees, and with current economic conditions, it is no surprise that they are at it again. Rafat Ali at PaidContent.org writes:

Is The Economy Affecting Virtual Advertising Experiments?

As the news continues to pour in and the news media works hard to sell their wares (meaning the more terrible the news the more people pay attention) there are more victims to be counted in the carnage. This time the targets are the ‘darlings’ of the new world advertising and marketing including web video, mobile phones, gaming and virtual worlds.

Google Tightening Its Belt?
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Possibly rhetoric serving two purposes: an endorsement of smart fiscal management and management of Wall St. analyst expectations. Google’s VP of Sales, Tim Armstrong made a seemingly off-the-cuff remark about closely watching the economy while “making sure our expenses and revenue are very much aligned.”

Email Scams On The Rise?


With all the 

Yahoo Hoping For $22/Share Buyout From Microsoft


Online Advertising in Rough Times

The economy has everyone in the U.S. worried about what’s ahead. Many are calling for another great depression, and it is hard to know just what that will mean in a world where so much business thrives on the Internet. It’s a different world than it was in the 30s. Of course most money made on the Internet comes from advertising, so naturally, one has to wonder how Internet ad spending will fare in the not-too-distant future.

Analyst: VC Confidence At New Low

Though Phil Gramm’s pretty sure the recession is all in our heads, it seems that just about every road to a healthy economy is either closed or under construction. The road to Silicon Valley, according to one analyst, is at best at a standstill.

Searches For Financial Related Terms Increase

The number of online credit card applications submitted by subprime applicants (those with credit scores of 660 or less) increased by 30 in the first quarter of 2008 compared to the same period last year according to a new study from comScore.

The number of online credit card applications submitted by prime applicants (those with credit scores above 660) fell by 16 in the first quarter.

Facebook’s Value Is Decreasing

If you’ve forgotten, just nine months ago, Microsoft purchased a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240 million. Doing the math from that, the total value of Facebook last October was $15B.

Yahoo: No Rest For American Weary
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Seems like everybody in the States is wound up pretty tight these days thanks to impending economic troubles and continuing denial at the upper crust. The bad news gets worse: A wound-up America won’t be unwinding this summer.

Entertainment Spending Looks Bleak

Downarrowgig The weak economy is beginning to have an effect on the entertainment industry.

Calacanis’ Advice For Economic Trouble

Tell that to Bear Sterns.

Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis, formerly in charge of Netscape, former owner of Weblogs, Inc. who sold to AOL for a reported $25 million, has the answer for startups worried about getting through economic hard times: lots and lots of money.

He’s a Fordham alum, so you know where to send your contributions.

Not known for his silver tongue, the Brooklyn-native reportedly replied to a small, perhaps slightly inebriated group of SES New York karaoke goers’ concerns about the economic disaster the US is headed for with some sage-like advice.

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