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Link Love Can Hurt

So, I guess if there was one thing we could all conceptually agree on, it would be that the link, in all its iterations and forms, has become the accepted currency of the social web — especially in the context of blogging.

You’re Getting Older, And So Are Social Networks

We’ve speculated doom, as is our nature some say, doom for the real world, the digital world, and most pointedly and assuredly for social networks. But social networks are an easy mark – in the beginning they depended on kids.

The “Economics Of Abundance”

In a nutshell: Economics, economies and economic theory have all been based on economics of scarcity.

EBay and Super Bowl Economics

The confounding success of the famous Super Bowl economic indicator, where the winning team’s conference seems to correlate with the coming year’s economy, is spilling over into other areas of voodoo economics. This time it’s reversed as eBayers are predicting the outcome of America’s time-honored obsession based upon the going price of each team’s merchandise.

The Economics of Spam

Tennessee resident K. C. “Khan” Smith owes the internet service provider EarthLink $24 million.

Yak Shaving and Other Blogosphere Tales
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Today’s one of those Sundays when yak shaving seems to be the order of the day. A day of catching up with much-neglected email and prep for the week ahead.

Taran Rampersad Answers Open Source Questions
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Practical and theoretical questions related to Software Process Management. These would be general questions; consulting services are available for more in depth analyses.