Eclipse Articles

Ingres, BEA Partner On SOA

Ok, the way to SOA with the Ingres database and BEA is to go and download today Ingres, BEA Workshop Studio, and the Eclipse SDK.

Innoopract Bases Ajax Platform On Eclipse

One of the founding members of the Eclipse Foundation debuted its concept for the “Rich Ajax Platform”; architecture and usage will be similar to Eclipse’s “Rich Client Platform.”

Google Considers Joining Eclipse

eWeek reports Google may consider joining Eclipse.

IBM Wants To Eclipse Unix Developers

The command line is a wonderful thing, and a developer skilled in the ways of vi (or emacs if you must) can build great applications; IBM thinks developers can do even better with its Eclipse IDE.

IBM, Google, Team On Open Ajax

The old line and the new guard in technology joined a group focused on delivering an open source project based at promoting the adoption of web development using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology.

Wiki Daddy Eclipses Redmond

The father of the Wiki concept, Ward Cunningham, will depart Microsoft after two years to join the open-source Eclipse Foundation.

Southern Florida Gets Best U.S. Eclipse View

People in southern Florida got the best view in the U.S. of last night’s partial solar eclipse.

JBoss Joins Eclipse Foundation to Contribute to J2EE Standard Tools Project

Two of the Most Successful Open Source Communities Collaborate to Better Integrate J2EE Development Tools and Middleware.

Intuit Releases Eclipse Business Connect XML

Intuit Distribution Management Solutions division today announced the release of Eclipse Business Connect XML.