StartUp Britain Launched

StartUp Britain Launched

By Josh Wolford March 28, 2011 | 1 Comment

Today, StartUp Britain was launched, an initiative offering support and resources for businesses just starting out or looking to grow.  The initiative has the backing of many companies known intimately by those of us on this side of the pond …

Top 10 Year-End Lists of 2008

‘Tis the season for lists – lists reflecting on the year we are getting ready to leave behind, and lists looking toward the future. Sites all around the web are putting up best of/worst of lists, so I thought it might be fun to look at some lists from some of these sites in the eBusiness and tech industries.

Top 25 Things You Loved to Talk About in 2008

I’ve always felt that comments have the ability to enhance articles, as they expand the conversation and often provide more thoughtful insight into the topic being written about. Of course this is not always true. There is plenty of spam, and always a fair amount of unconstructive criticism, name calling, and general ugliness. But it’s a small price to pay for making content more community-driven, which still overall, I feel is more useful to the end-user in the long run.

Joetheplumber.com Gets Big Offers


I ran into Joe the Plumber this morning. He said he and Joe Six Pack plan to celebrate their newfound fame tonight by gettin’ lit and layin’ pipe.

Those guys!

Another Joe the Plumber, this one in Amarillo, Texas, is about to score big time with his joetheplumber.com domain.
Joetheplumber.com Gets Big Offers

Online Job Demand Rising Again

Monster.comThe number of online jobs went up according to the Monster U.S. Online Jobs Index. The increase marked the end of a three-month decline, indicating that employers are preparing for the fall hiring season. In August, online job availability went up in 14 of the Index’s 20 industry categories and in 13 of the 23 occupational categories measured. Still, the index is 14% lower than it was a year ago.

Adding Significant Value to Twitter

Much has been written in recent months about the allure of Twitter and why people stick with it through thick and thin.

Why Can’t a Directory Be a Directory?

Web directories don’t exactly have the reputation of being helpful resources for finding information. Most have become endless pits of links, and wading through them to find anything useful is next to impossible.

Then there are the human-edited ones that tend to be more useful, but are aimed more at the submitter promoting their business than they really are towards the user who is there to find information. Often times these directories offer paid links, further proving that they are really there for promotional purposes.

What a Difference a URL Can Make

Research shows that print ads that contain URLs  are up to three times as likely to drive readers to a website than those that don’t include them.

Not that this information comes as much of a surprise, but it is probably a tactic that many businesses still are not using.

The Research Shows…

Internet Advertising Doing Quite Well

Internet advertising revenues reached a total of $21.2 billion last year! That’s billion.

That is according to IAB, who published PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Internet Advertising Report earlier this month. That is also 26% higher than the previous year.

An eBusiness Tribute To St. Patty

It’s that time of year again, the time of year it’s perfectly acceptable to do a bit of drinking in honor of the saint that drove the snakes out of Ireland, in honor of luck or lack thereof, in honor of the Emerald Isle most of us have only seen in pictures but have vowed to travel to one day whether we have relatives there or not.

What’s Interesting In eBusiness & Search?

I subscribe to hundreds of RSS feeds in order to keep up with the world we cover here at WebProNews… eBusiness and search. Here are some of the more interesting blog posts and news articles from around the web.

Ted Murphy - Founder/CEO PayPerPost

Google Named Most Significant E-Biz Development

Google properties made up three of the top 10 most significant e-commerce developments of the last decade, according the Software & Information Industry Association.

Enterprise 2.0 in InformationWeek

The InformationWeek cover story is Enterprise 2.0, based on a survey of engagement:

 Despite the risks and problems, a solid minority of the 250 business technology pros surveyed by InformationWeek are behind this IT strategy push that has come to be known as Enterprise 2.0 (even if the overplayed 2.0 terminology makes some people wince). Nearly a third, 32%, describe their Web 2.0 strategies as fully engaged, our survey finds.

Techniques for Gaining Consumer Trust

When speaking of website optimization practices, it is often associated with SEO and the goal of achieving high search rankings. While this certainly is important to a site’s overall visibility, gaining and retaining user trust should also be a primary focus of any company looking to bolster its virtual presence.

Oracle e-Business Suite’s New SysAdmin Features

Fear not System Administrators: There are exciting new system administration features in the pipeline for managing e-Business Suite environments.

Oracle 11i E-Business Suite Essentials
· 1

I’ve recently written a couple of posts on the new certification track for Oracle Applications that has just been released.

Oracle Appcasts

I talked about Oracle Podcasting in a previous post. They now have a more Applications oriented podcast available called Oracle Appcasts.