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Social Factors Heavily Influence Food Habits, Shows Study

It’s often pointed out anecdotally that food portion sizes in the U.S. are larger than those in other countries, which could contribute to the country’s increasing obesity epidemic. Now a new study has shown that this and other social factors might actually contribute to the food choices made by everyone. The study, published in the Journal of the Academy of …

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Less Sleep Leads to More Calories, Shows Study

For people with more to do and ever less time to do it in, poor sleep habits and a bad diet are almost an inevitability. Now, a new study has shown that those poor sleep habits might actually be driving people to eat higher-calorie foods. The study, published in the journal Obesity, showed that people who missed one night of …

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Turducken Of The Sea Baffles Scientists

There is always a bigger fish. Isn’t that the old adage? A three feet long dogfish recently found this out. Scientists from the University of Delaware were researching sand tiger sharks through a tagging process where sensors are initially released to entice the sharks for later retrieval. Menhaden, containing the sensors, were used as bait, which caught the attention of …

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Katherine Webb Reportedly Eats Only 1,120 Calories Per Day

After sports commentators oogled her at a college football game, Katherine Webb, the current Miss Alabama, found fame on social media. Since that time, Webb’s modeling career has taken off and she has starred in the ABC reality TV show Splash. Webb quit Splash, a televised high-dive competition, last month after suffering a minor injury. All of this success is …

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Yelp Brings Something Yummy to the State of Denmark

Attention Dutch gourmands both green and seasoned: ready your palates and forks and save room for your typing skills because Yelp has announced that their network of customer reviews and rankings of restaurants and businesses are now available to your country. As of this past Friday, April 20, the online community-powered site that is often the first resort for people …

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Eating and Using Your Smartphone: Fun Facts

As technology evolves so do our routines and rituals. Many people are using their smartphones as part of their dining experience. Think about it: how often are you using your phone either after or before a meal? Do you use your device while eating? This next infographic from LAB42.Com addresses the issue of using our phones at mealtime. Almost a …

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