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‘Top Gun’ Inspiration Promoted at Pentagon

Christine Fox, who was the inspiration for Kelly McGillis’ character in the 1986 Tom Cruise vehicle Top Gun, was recently appointed by President Barack Obama as acting deputy defense secretary Tuesday, making the civilian analyst the highest-ranking woman ever at the Pentagon. In Top Gun, McGillis plays Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, a civilian contractor with a Ph.D. in astrophysics, serving as …

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Marilyn Manson Makes Odd Cameo on Eastbound and Down

“Can I take your trash?” Talk about awkward. You know may know Marilyn Manson as a cross-dressing, goth, cult-figure with a face covered in thick makeup. But if you tuned into HBO’s comedy series Eastbound and Down on Sunday night, you got the opportunity to see Manson as a nerdy waiter at a roller rink. If you missed the Antichrist …

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