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Joe Biden Visits China Amid Air Zone Tensions

US Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Asia as tensions are escalating between China and Japan over a newly established Chinese air defense identification zone in the East China Sea. The tensions center around the tiny Senkaku Islands (known as the Diaoyu in China) which are within the new air defense zone. Although Japan has controlled the islands for many …

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U.S. B-52’s Enter Airspace Claimed by China

Two unarmed U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers entered a Chinese air defense zone on Monday, defying China’s expanding claim over an island chain in the East China Sea. The flight occurred without incident, and the Pentagon declared on Tuesday that the flyover was not significant of any reaction to China’s expanding declaration of sovereignty over the archipelago which that country …

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New Japanese Island Appears After Volcanic Eruption

Fortunately for residents of Japan and the rest of the world, the smoke and ashes rising from the floor of the Pacific Ocean approximately 620 miles south of Tokyo on Wednesday were not the signs of Godzilla or any other kaiju rising from the depths of the ocean. Instead of having to face down a terrifying amphibious monster, Japan is …

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