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Sydney Gold Coast Race via Google Earth
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This from our mates down-under…

Mapguide with Google Earth Integration

James Fee has reminded us about some nifty applications developed using Mapguide Open Source – thanks for the head-sup James!

Google Acquires SketchUp 3D Software

Google continues is roll-up of cool technologies with news that it has acquired @Last Software, makers of SketchUp.

Arc2Earth (ArcGIS to Google Earth) Released

Chances are you heard or saw this already but hey, the word is simply too cool not to share on the blog…

Mapping US Census Data in Google Earth

juice Analytics has done a very cool job of intergrating US CEnsus Bureau data into Google Earth, resulting in some amazing graphics.

Check this out: Virtual Earth Streetlevel

Remember how A9 took a car with a few cameras on it down streets of major cities and let you see what the storefront looked like at a particular address?

MSN Pulls A Street-Side Drive-By

The Virtual Earth team at MSN has managed to go from concept to launch in a matter of weeks with their on-the-street perspective of Seattle and San Francisco.

The Middle Ages

What if leadership didn’t originate from the top of an organization, society or ecosystem, but from its middle?

Google Earth Supporting Scientific Research…

From the popular journal, Nature, an interesting article on how biologists are using Google Earth to support their efforts.

Dumping Links

Okay, some stuff sitting around in open tabs:

Touring Turin For The Olympics

Google has added high-resolution imagery of Turin, Italy, to Google Earth and Google Local, so you can see lots of interesting terrain around the Olympic Games.

Music Video Using Google Earth

British DJ Flavorjenkins wants a job at Google, so to prove he deserves it, he’s showing off a music video he made in Google Earth.

cNet Uses Google Earth Imagery in NFL Contest

cNet (news.com) has come up with another clever contest using imagery from Google Earth.. funny, I could have sworn that clipping and reposting images from Google Earth on a commercial website was against the terms of use??

Flying Car Via Google Earth Won’t Go Away!

The mystery of the flying car in Perth, Australia just won’t go away.

Google Earth’s Flying Car Of Perth

A floating rectangular object near a Perth, Australia parking lot looks a bit like an airborne automobile.

Google Updates

Two new items from the Google blog:

George Jetson Spotted On Google Earth

In the third grade the Weekly Reader rounded our eyes to tales of the coming millennium. By 2000, Moller would have flying cars off the ground and into traffic-regulated skies. You could have guessed that a satellite image captured by a Google Earth user had fulfilled that prophecy. But the flying car in the photo published in Britain’s The Register looks nothing like what’s on Moller’s website.

KMLer ArcGIS 9 Extension for Google Earth
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I recently caught wind of a new ArcGIS extension from the developer of KMLer developed by Valery Hronusov Programming, Michael Barsky Mines Institute Ural branch of the Russian Academy of sciences..

Google Earth Contest?

Wait till January 31 and see for yourself I guess.

Sketchup 3D Design Google Earth plug-in

So much news, so much innovation… not sure how I missed this one but on the heels of Google Earth being released for the MAC OS the folks at Sketchup have developed a cool Google earth (gearth) plug-in – recall Sketchup is a CAD program used in 3D design.

MSNIndia, Virtual earth, and Digital Geographics

Looking a bit deeper at some PR that Microsoft issued last week , part of the project billed at MSRIndia (Microsoft Research India) involves developing a web-based map of India with multi-lingual and community features – the project looks pretty interesting and detailed.