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Dell Using Google Earth for Technical Support

News that Dell is leveraging its partnership with Google to offer premium customers a new service utilizing Google Earth’s mapping technology.

French (Try To) Challenge Google Earth

Sacre bleu! The French have unveiled a website known as Geoportal that is intended to rival Google Earth. The European counterpart will have more detailed images than its American-based competitor, but its scope will be limited to within French borders.


Google Monster, Picasa, Earth, GEO, News
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Google is building new monster sized computing center, “as big as two football fields with twin cooling plants protruding four stories into the sky”. via New York Times.

Google Geo Developer Day, Where 2.0
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What a day I knew it was going to be full of news and cool stuff when Eric Schmidt (CEO), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (co-founders) walked onto the stage at the Googleplex – they note that geospatial is a defining opportunity in search!

Google Blows Up Earth

The Google Earth and Maps teams must have been on the verge of bursting into data stream rivers until they finally popped this morning, unloading a mess of new functionality onto the world. We had to mask our digital footprint with wading boots to fish out the most relevant to our readers: Google Maps for Enterprise.

Google Wins Earth Patent Judgment

A virtual mapping company’s request for an injunction against Google Earth was rejected by a Massachusetts federal judge on Friday. Skyline Software Systems claimed that the mapping service was a violation of a patent granted in 2002.

Google Earth Birthday Present: Resolution Increase

Google Earth celebrates its first anniversary and announces increased resolution and global coverage.

Google Going Green with Earth Day Network

In an effort to go “green” google is hosting a map service in conjunction with the earth day network.

Google Takes On Bird Flu

The world’s largest Internet search company has joined the defenses arranged against bird flu. In combination with Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, Google Earth is helping to locate commercial poultry flocks, as well as the buildings, schools, and roads close to the farms and production facilities.

Big Brother, Microsoft, Are Watching

Microsoft’s got friends in high places. One friend, anyway-the U.S. Department of Defense. A branch of the DOD known as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) will work with the software giant on Microsoft’s Virtual Earth mapping project, which will be used for both military and non-military purposes.

Yahoos Free DVR

Last week, Yahoo bought Meebio, makers of well-regarded media center / DVR software.

Yahoo Promoting Earth Day Pledges

Through a special website hosted at Yahoo, visitors can pledge to take energy-saving measures that may help improve the quality of life on Earth.

Google Earth Updates to International Data Coverage

Word on the street has it that Google has added loads of new data to the offerings available for viewing via Google Earth.

Earth Day Prompts Eco-Queries On AOL

Recycling, global warming, and endangered species topped the list of environmentally related queries being queried on AOL Search.

Honda Links Up With Google Earth

New Honda Civics in the Japanese market will have the capability to retrieve traffic information using Google Earth. The service, called the InterNavi Floating Car System, is available to subscribers as part of the InterNavi Premium Club, a navigational service.

Google Earth with Mainstream Advertising on TV

Not sure about what’s up south of the 49th, however, up here in Canada during TV coverage of the Masters, a TV ad just appeared telling people to logon to Remax.ca next month to search for real estate listings using Google Earth… pretty interesting…

Honda Adding Google Earth To Cars

Honda has announced it is adding in-car navigation systems powered by Google Earth, presumably the same systems Volkswagen has been reported to be developing for a little while.

Maxim ‘Advertises’ In Google Earth

Maxim Magazine, in order to celebrate their 100th issue, decided to build a gigantic version of their magazine cover, large enough to be seen by satelites, including those used by Google Earth.

Indian Army Sees Threat in Google Earth

The Indian army is a little freaked-out that Google Earth shows satellite images of their strategic installations.

shape2earth beta coming soon?

Tim Beerman over at his interactive earth blog has recently announced that shape2earth will be going out for beta testing shortly.

Google Patents Bring WiFi Down To Earth
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One day, my pie in the sky will be crumbs on a plate. Full-bellied, my GoogleNet wireless connection will intuitively retrieve an ad for Alka-Seltzer; the bubbly concoction plop-plop fizz-fizzes with tiny executive voices admitting in fizzy whispers, “yes, Jason, Google’s full of it.”