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Google Earth Gets Book Search Layer

To research a place’s past, you could drive around looking for historical markers.  Or you could call up Google Earth; a new default layer allows users to “explore locations through the lens of the world’s books.”

Google Earth Won’t Get Virtual London

I’ve seen it: an amazing 3D model of London that was meant to wind up in Google Earth.  Only now, due to what I’ll politely call “bureaucratic nonsense,” it won’t.

Google Maps Makes Use Of Crowdsourcing
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Who knows your town better: you or Google?  Unless you live in Mountain View, California, I’m betting it’s not Google.  So the search giant is experimenting with crowdsourcing as a way of making its maps more detailed.

Google Earth Provides Updates, Answers

There’s a fresh post on the Google LatLong Blog, and it’s titled, “Where in the world is…(Answers).”  You see, the post informs readers of various geographic locations that were hinted at earlier.  But if Google was asking (perhaps rhetorically), “Where in the world is an updated image?” the answer would be, “just about everywhere.”

Abbreviated Guide To Google Earth Sightseeing

If you ever wondered what the Earth looks like to extraterrestrials, whom we know are passive observers in the vein of Jane Goodall, Google Earth has provided us this insight.

Google Earth Gets NASA Layer

Google Earth has just released a new layer, and within it, there are three different parts.  Each comes courtesy of NASA, and they’re called Astronaut Photography of Earth, Satellite Imagery, and Earth City Lights.

Google Earth “Helps Military Mission Planners”

On the BAE Systems website, there are three “Top News” items.  One involves the “world’s most advanced warship.”  Another mentions the “first lightweight RPG protection kits” for a certain type of Army vehicle.  The last “Top News” item refers to Google.

Google Picks Winners In Campus-Building Contest

Google likes young people, and young people like Google; the company reports that its “Build Your Campus in 3D Competition” received around 4,000 entries.  Seven winning teams have now been selected.

MSN Breaks Record With Live Earth Video Streams
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Sometime Saturday, MSN broke the record for most live video streams, surpassing 10 million. Web surfers that didn’t tune into the Sundance Channel’s all-day coverage of the Live Earth concert, tuned in at MSN.

Scientist Locates Chinese Sub On Google Earth
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Nothing like an arms race to bring back those Cold War memories, when the Red Dawn seemed eminent even if we had the Iron Eagle, rock music blaring through his Walkman, to protect us. Nowadays it’s Google Earth, not Hollywood and Reagan, scaring everybody to death.

Google Earth Outreach To Aid Nonprofits

Google has launched Google Earth Outreach, a program focused on helping nonprofit organizations promote and illustrate the work they do.

Air Force Expert Accepts Google Earth Threat

If there’s any one “type” of person you can count on to be practical, it’s a military man (or woman).  And while Lt. Gen. David A. Deptula of the U.S. Air Force has admitted that some mapping software has created “huge” security problems, he also acknowledged that there’s not much anyone can do about it.

Google’s Solar Panels Power Up
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Some time ago, Google announced that it would install a number of solar panels on the much-discussed Googleplex.  Those panels are now in place, on, and, according to the company, generating “an electricity output capable of powering approximately 1,000 average California homes.”

Microsoft Tunes Up Virtual Earth In UK

Microsoft Corp. and Intermap Technologies have launched Microsoft’s enhanced Virtual Earth 3-D viewing platform with elevation information for all of Great Britain.

NY Politicians Argue Over Google Earth
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New York politicians appear to be at odds over just how dangerous Google Earth might be; Assemblyman Mike Gianaris is asking Google to blur out images of “sensitive” sites, while Mayor Michael Bloomberg feels such efforts may not be the best use of time.  

Google Earth Gains More Detailed Images

Google Earth recently incorporated some images of the seabed around Britain, and the few people who heard about this tended to shrug in response.  The introduction of Street View, on the other hand, may have generated a little too much excitement.  The latest Google Earth release – detailed images of western America – may hit a happy medium.

JFK Terrorists Used Google Earth To Plan Plot

The good news is that the would-be terrorists targeting JFK airport weren’t all that bright. The bad news is that they’re smart enough to get their mapping information from Google Earth.

Google Earth Explores The Ocean Deep

Privacy issues with Google’s new Street View may be grabbing headlines, but Google Earth has gone for some truly wet and wild stuff: a hydrographic survey of the seabed surrounding Great Britain.

Google Earth Gets Audio Layer

Google Earth has always been about visuals – interesting sights, but pretty much no sounds.  That recently changed with the introduction of a new layer from Wild Sanctuary.  The layer features “the sounds of nature” recorded at all sorts of places and times of day and night.

Google Picks Up Panoramio

Panoramio has worked hand in hand with Google for a long time, but, on Wednesday evening, the relationship became more of a hand within hand sort of thing as Google acquired the company.

Google Earth Scares The Spooks

The director of a U.S. intelligence agency has cautioned that the government may have to censor satellite images that could be a potential security threat to the country and its armed forces.

The warning came from Vice Admiral Robert Murret, director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which provides security information using satellite imagery.

In an interview with the AP he said," If there was a situation where any imagery products were being used by adversaries to kill Americans, I think we should act."