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Mapping The Moon And Mars Discussed At Google

Google put up a new At Google talk with Ross Beyer from the Carl Sagan Center at the SETI Institute and Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA Ames Research Center, who discusses making maps to explore the Earth, the Moon and Mars. “High-quality planetary maps and 3D terrain models have become essential for NASA to plan exploration missions and conduct science,” …

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NASA Releases Spectacular New Views of the Earth at Night

A new NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite has taken photos of the unclouded Earth at night that are of higher detail than any before. NASA today released the images to the public, providing updated desktop wallpapers for thousands of people. Absurdly large versions of the image can be found here. The new images depict the glow …

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Van Allen Probes Probe Earth’s Radiation Belts

NASA this week revealed that the early findings from its Van Allen Probes, which are uncovering the mysteries of Earth’s radiation belts, are already helping researcher’s determine just how much influence the sun has over Earth’s magnetosphere. The probes, launched back in August, are orbiting in areas populated by high-energy and hazardous particles created by the magnetosphere. “The sun has …

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Life on Earth Visualized As One Single Day (and Animated)

A better understanding of our world through short, easy-to-understand animations? Count me in. If you were looking to ruminate on the origins of life, here’s a nice little video that takes you from the first single-celled organism to the present as if it all occurred in one full rotation of the clock. Spoiler alert: Humans have only been around for …

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Mars Orbiting Satellite Catches Breathtaking Images

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was launched on August 12, 2005 with the express mission of taking hi-resolution photos of the Martian surface. The first photos were returned on September 29 2006 of the Martian surface. The photos below are of the sun rising over Mars over several days and they are breathtaking. The views of crepuscular rays sprayed across an …

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HD Earth From Space: Taken Using 4 Light Spectrums

Russian weather satellite Elektro-L is in geostationary orbit, over 22000 miles above the equator. It sends photos to Earth every thirty minutes. The image above is one of them. It combines four light wavelengths, three visible and one infrared. That is why they are so vivid. And why the orange you see in the picture is actually vegetation, being captured …

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Unemployed Game Developer Makes Awesome Solar System

Christopher Albeluhn found himself unemployed after 7 years as a game developer. Realizing he needed to update his portfolio, he started to work on building a planet Earth in a Unreal Engine 3 as a simple test for a shader idea. The idea quickly got out of hand and he decided to build the entire solar system. Including all 8 …

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Asteroid DA14 Misses Earth In Animated, Data-Backed Video

For those of you still fretting that Earth will get smacked with a 40 meter-wide asteroid next year even though reliable experts have said that these fears are overstated, here’s a computer-animated rendering of how exactly Earth won’t be in any danger. Well, at least as far as asteroid 2012 DA 14 goes. The video, which was uploaded by YouTube …

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