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An Asteroid Almost Ended Your Life Yesterday An Asteroid Almost Ended Your Life Yesterday
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While you were going about your daily business, maybe sitting in traffic or making dinner, a giant asteroid whizzed by your head, and you narrowly escaped the cold bite of death. Ok, when I say “whizzed by your head” I …

The Convoluted Nature of Social Media and History

 There is a cliche that many people often share about history, and how it is written by the victors. The conquerors across the world, for the most part, are the ones who transcribed the history for others to read. We have terms like "revisionist history" to account for the fact that we realize the truth may be quite a bit grayer than those historical accounts we read lead us to believe.

Google Earth On The iPhone

When Google first launched Google Earth, you pretty much needed a cutting-edge PC in order to power it. My, how far it’s come! Today, Google has announced it has managed to stuff Google Earth into an iPhone/iPod Touch application–which you can download for free!

Here’s what you can do with Google Earth on your iCandy iPhone:

Google Earth Rotates Into The Browser
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Google announced today the release of a Google Earth API and browser plug-in. Google Earth is the newest edition to the company’s Maps API, which allows developers to turn their Web sites into 3D map allocations.

New features include the ability to embed Google Earth into Web sites, create lines, polygons, and placemarks in 3D. Users can also convert existing Maps API sites to 3D Earth, add or view buildings in 3D, and use Google Sky’s high-resolution images.

Google Resources Help With Myanmar Cyclone Relief

The company organized some of its resources to assist the humanitarian efforts going on in Myanmar, where thousands have died or are missing after a cyclone tore through the country.

Google Products Used To Track Nevada Earthquakes
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WebProNews is based in Kentucky, where we’re relatively safe from many types of natural disasters.  We felt something between a large rumble and a small rattle following Illinois’s earthquake, however, which makes it more interesting on a personal level that Google Maps is being used to track other recent quakes.

Extreme Places On Google Earth
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Frank Taylor points out on his Google Earth Blog that a member of the Google Earth Community has put together an interesting collection of extreme places on Earth.

Google Announces Cities In 3D Program
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It may be necessary to stop using words like "neat" and "cool"; it’s possibly time to put on a tie.  A new push involving Google Earth stresses all the practical (and somewhat implausible) reasons cities should create 3D models of themselves.

Google Earth Roundup: School Uses, Static Maps API

As students everywhere will agree, repetition is one of the best ways of learning something (or at least stuffing it into your short-term memory).  And Google’s picking up on that fact by not letting students’ teachers forget Google Earth’s usefulness.

Sky Is The Limit For Suit Against Google
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A Google contractor thinks the search ad company stole his idea for Google Sky, a popular addition to the Google Earth product.

Are Google Earth Images In Real-Time?
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Images on Google Earth are highly detailed but do not show imagery in real-time.

Google Earth

Many people according to Frank Taylor at his Google Earth Blog believe the images are in real time. He believes that is because of weather satellite photos that are a few hours old or because of live weather radar. He goes into detail how Google collects its images for Google Earth.

Google Earth Introduced To Teachers

Celebrities and star athletes endorse products; why not teachers?  Granted, young boys may not be in a rush to imitate Mr. Oldman’s turkey neck or Mad Hatter hair, but he still spends a lot of time with the lads.  Hence (we believe) Google’s new move to introduce educators to Google Earth.

Google Earth Looks At New Sky

Updated features for Sky in Google Earth arrived for the popular application, with more content added to the platform.

Feedback for the Virtual Earth Team

The Virtual Earth team wants our feedback.

Wonderful. Kudos to any company that wants its customers’ feedback and offers a participatory approach. So, here’s my feedback…

Microsoft added a LOT of whizbang features to its maps.live.com maps (3D, lots of photos, and such) but they didn’t focus on the basics.

Site- And Source-Related Updates To Google Earth

Improvements to the search engine at Google.com are undeniably newsworthy, but on a sort of life-and-death scale, adjustments to the Google News engine are also important.  And a few changes (and reminders) cropped up recently.

More December Google Earth Updates

Google Earth

Almost two weeks ago, a post called "December Updates in Google Earth" was made on the official LatLong Blog, and I figured Google’s geographic information system (GIS) specialists were done for the year.  I was wrong, though, as they’ve just released new, more detailed imagery.

Google Earth May Solve Murder

Police in Melbourne, Australia are scrutinizing satellite images to see if a murder suspect was caught on film dumping a woman’s body in the front yard of a house.

Microsoft Buys Online Map Company

Microsoft has purchased UK online mapping company Multimap.

French Photographer Gets Layer In Google Earth

A French photographer named Yann Arthus-Bertrand is famous for many things, including an “Earth from the Air” exhibit.  It seems perfectly natural, then, that about 500 of his photographs have been used to create a new “Earth from Above” layer in Google Earth.

Google Earth Update Hits Odds And Ends

Updates to Google Earth are always fascinating, but sometimes, that’s all they are; there aren’t any obvious practical benefits.  The latest update should be pretty useful, though, as Google has added roads and business listings in a number of countries, and also updated its Transit symbols.

Google Earth Powers Alabama Security Tool

It’s been in the works for at least five months, and Governor Bob Riley has now unveiled the Alabama Department of Homeland Security’s “Virtual Alabama,” in which Google Earth will serve a pivotal function.