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Goalie Gameplay Will Be Improved In NHL 14

Hockey is a most noble sport defined by the coolest goaltenders ever. I would give anything to wear that armor, and the improvements being made to EA Sports NHL 14 will bring me one step closer to Goldberg. EA says …

Javier Hernandez to be on FIFA 14 Covers in North America

EA Sports has announced that is has signed Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez to a multi-year endorsement contract. As part of the new contract, Hernandez will be featured on the cover of the upcoming FIFA 14 in Mexico and on one of …

Madden NFL 25 Skipping Wii U This Year
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The Wii U, much like the Gamecube, has a problem with third-party support. Even so, EA Sports still brought annual iterations of Madden NFL to the little purple box. That’s not happening on the Wii U. When Madden NFL 25 …

Barry Sanders Named Madden NFL 25 Cover Athlete

After weeks of voting and 40 million votes, EA has announced this year’s Madden NFL cover athlete. Barry Sanders will grace the cover of Madden NFL 25, which will celebrate the franchise’s 25 years of console success. “The Madden NFL …

NHL 14 Cover Athlete Voting Has Begun

Electronic Arts is the go-to scapegoat for all of the anti-gamer decisions that have begun to creep into gaming. The video game publisher may be the internet’s favorite punching bag and America’s Worst Company two years running, but the organization …

Madden NFL 25 Release Date: August 27

Yesterday EA teased that something called Madden 25 would be coming later this year on August 27. Today the publisher confirmed that it will, in fact, be the next yearly game in the Madden franchise, titled Madden NFL 25. “There’s …

NBA Live 13 Canceled At The Last Minute
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NBA Elite 11 has kind of turned into a big joke among the sports gaming community. EA Sports had hoped to reinvent the basketball franchise to take on 2K Sports’ immensely popular NBA 2K series. Needless to say, the project …

Calvin Johnson’s Madden 13 Cover Hits The Webs

I don’t whether to be happy for Detroit Lions fans or if I should start sending them sympathy. The reason for this confusion has to do with perhaps the most popular player on the “we no longer suck” football team …

FIFA 12 Sim Crowns LA Galaxy Regular Season Champs

Major League Soccer’s First Kick isn’t until Saturday night, but it’s already been determined that the LA Galaxy will win the Supporters’ Shield at the end of the year. Well, according to the FIFA 12 video game, at least. EA …

SSX Review: Suffering From An Identity Crisis
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SSX is a game that doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s trying to appeal to new fans as well as the old guard that has been a fan of the franchise since the PS2 launch title. It’s trying …

NFL Blitz Is Back

After a successful relaunch of the much loved NBA Jam franchise, EA Sports is back with another Midway arcade sports franchise that hasn’t seen a game with its NFL branding since 2003. That’s right, NFL Blitz is back! While it’s …

EA Sports Launches Free Golf Game On Facebook
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EA Sports has launched a free PGA Tour Golf Challenge on Facebook.

PGA Tour Golf Challenge features real time 3D game play and allows users to play with their Facebook friends.

EA Sports Launches Free World Cup Game On Facebook

EA Sports said today it has launched a free social soccer game on Facebook to mark the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

 The game, EA Sports FIFA Superstars, was developed by Playfish and will be available on additional social networks soon.

"We are leveraging our soccer expertise with the experience of our partners at Playfish to create a casual soccer game for a broader audience," said Matt Bilbey, vice president of soccer, EA Sports.

Madden Game Picks Super Bowl Winner
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EA Sports has predicted the outcome of Super Bowl XLII based on simulations using Madden NFL 08 video game.

The New England Patriots will beat the New York Giants in a close game by the final score of 38-30. Skeptics may scoff at such a prediction but EA Sports has predicted the past five winners of the Super Bowl.