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Watch Dogs Gets A New CG Trailer [E3 2013]

Watch Dogs is one of the games to watch at E3 this year. To placate the hunger for new info, Ubisoft has released a new trailer before its press conference later today. Unfortunately, Ubisoft is following the recent trend of releasing of pre-rendered trailers instead of anything resembling gameplay. Still, it’s a nice trailer that’s far more interesting in a …

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Puppeteer Gets A Charming E3 2013 Trailer

E3 2013 is still a few days away, but that’s not going to stop Sony from releasing a few trailers of the game it intends to show off at the event. The first of undoubtedly many is the super charming Puppeteer. The platformer from Sony Japan Studio has been high on my list of most anticipated games of 2013 since …

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Aisha Tyler Will Host Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference Again

Ubisoft always has the best E3 press conference. This is an unmistakable fact. While she wasn’t quite as insane as 2011’s Mr. Caffeine, Aisha Tyler did a bang up job hosting last year. Ubisoft seemed to like her enough that they’re bringing her back as the host of this year’s press conference as well. Alongside confirming that Tyler is back, …

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Nintendo: No Huge Conference at E3 2013

[UPDATE:] Nintendo has clarified its E3 plans, stating to GameTrailers that it will host two small events the day before E3. One will be for media, and one for “partners.” [ORIGINAL:] Yesterday, Nintendo posted its annual earnings, which were a bit disappointing due to slow sales of its newest console, the Wii U. Buried inside Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s statements …

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Sony Exec Teases PS4 Reveal In May

We all know that the next Xbox and PlayStation will be revealed this year. The most obvious place for a reveal would be at the annual E3 show in June, but a Sony exec recently teased that we may see the PS4 even sooner than that. Speaking to Chilean tech Web site, Emol, Sony’s VP of Home Entertainment, Hiroshi Sakamoto, …

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