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The Rising Popularity of E-Books [Infographic]

I am sure you already know that e-books and e-book readers are becoming more popular everyday. Whenever somebody mentions e-books it is almost completely natural to go into the debate over which one is better. Some folks are die-hard physical copy fans. Others see the value of having hundreds of book on-demand in a nice easy to transport device. The …

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E-Books Or Real Books: What Book Lovers Think

There is a lot of debate surrounding e-books in regard to if they will ever replace real books as the conventional way to digest writer’s works. One undeniable fact is that e-book readers are getting less expensive everyday and therefore becoming more popular. Certain publications are only being offered as e-books and with the increasing cost of physical resources like …

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Tablet Ownership Surges Over This Past Holiday!

What to buy? It’s always hard to figure out what to buy your family and friends for the holiday. I detest going to the stores and waiting through long lines only to find out they’re out of what I came for. I shop online. I love reading product reviews and finding the lowest prices or the “deal of the day”. …

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