DVD Articles

The VHS, DVD Marketing Story

Somewhere Sony founder Akio Morita is smiling. As the world baby steps to a completely digital format for movies, music and other entertainment, VHS is slowly being left behind for the DVD format.

Sony And Toshiba Prepare For DVD War

The warlord known as Sony rides back to camp. He tells his generals there could be no parley with the lord Toshiba. They cannot decide whose sword will rule. No compromise can be reached. He commanded his generals to ride and muster soldiers from all corners of the land to prepare for the War of the Blue Light.

IBM Busts Open The Cell

The high-profile heart of the forthcoming PlayStation 3 will have key details disclosed in Barcelona today.

DVD: The Next Generation Battle May Be Over

While neither Sony’s Blu-ray nor Toshiba’s HD-DVD have become the clear winner, consumers definitely lose.

Do You Have A Yahoo Mindset?

Having the ability to label and refine search results is quite the hot topic among the search industry. Because search results can number in the millions, plus the fact that they can be quite convoluted, the ability to weed out unwanted results is much desired.

The Looking Glass War – Sony Versus Toshiba

Blu-ray versus HD DVD, liquid crystal versus plasma, and how manufacturers want us to see in the future.

Iomega Patent Offers Serious DVD Storage

Iomega Corp. announced yesterday that is has received a patent for a nanotechnology storage method that will allow up to 100 times the capacity on DVDs.

Matsushita To Toshiba: DVD Fight Is Over

The president of Matsushita, which supports Sony and its Blu-ray technology, tells rival Toshiba to back down in talks.

Wal-Mart Cancels DVD Rentals

New partnership with Netflix connects Wal-Mart’s movie sales business with Netflix’s rental operations.

Sony And Toshiba Continue DVD Duel

Sony and Toshiba stand like two old samurai waiting for the other to flinch in the DVD duel. Toshiba seems to be getting annoyed with the powerful Sony, the Shogun of Japanese electronics firms. Parley attempts remain at a standstill and Toshiba say little ground will be gained until Sony softens its attitude on the unification of the DVD formats.

Sony And Toshiba May Agree On DVD

After a protracted three-year battle over the structure of next-generation DVDs, an agreement may be at hand.

Toshiba Accelerates to 45GB on the DVD Highway

Toshiba announced recently they were adding a third layer to its HD-DVD format to increase the capacity to 45Gb. This is going to give them a much stronger competitor against Sony and perhaps give them some more bargaining room as Sony and Toshiba continue negotiations to develop a universal standard for DVDs based on the blue laser technology upgrades.

Sony, Toshiba Talk DVD Formats

The two technology companies wish to avoid the VHS-Betamax conflict that marred early adoption of VCRs.

What Constitutes Search Engine Relevancy?

Relevancy. It’s something that drives the search engine industry in almost every aspect. From providing quality search results to contextual advertising, relevancy is crucial to any search engine’s success. The question is how do you define relevancy? More importantly, how do search engines define relevancy?

Sony Burns Up The DVD Burner Market

Sony added two new DVD burners to its offering in the 800 series. The internal DRU-800A and the external DRX-800UL burners support 4X DVD R Dual Layering technology and can burn roughly 8.5 gigs of video, audio or data onto a single DVD-R-UL. This will get you 4 hours of video.

High On DVD Hybrid

Electronics manufacturers Toshiba and Sony continue to negotiate for a new hybrid DVD format as more companies weigh in on the matter.

Sony and Toshiba Begin Peace Talks on New DVD Format

Sony and Toshiba both express interest in coming up with a new universal standard for the next generation of DVDs. The two companies continue to develop high definition DVD systems but hope to work out this new standard which would be better for all involved.

Apple Introduces Final Cut Studio

Yesterday, at an event in Las Vegas, Apple revealed Final Cut Studio, a software package that’s being called “The Production Box Set”. The package contains four specific pieces of software; each designed to function as a whole, giving amateur moviemakers everything they need to produce quality movies and DVDs.

Upcoming DVD Formats Discuss Co-existence

Because of space required to record high-definition broadcasts and movies presented in H-D format, the need for higher capacity DVD discs becomes more and more imperative. However, because there are two formats vying for industry acceptance, deciding which one becomes standard has been a heated occurrence.

Is DVD Storage An Attractive Alternative For Your Computer Backup?

If you have a computer for home use or for your business and don’t take comprehensive backup for full protection then you are in the danger-zone. Maybe you do not take any backup at all.

RipGuard Versus DVD Copiers

Yesterday, Macrovision announced the release of RipGuard, an anti-DVD ripping software that “plugs the hole” left by the DeCSS crack.