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Movielink Debuts Burn To DVD Service
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Movielink launched a new service today that will allow customers to download films with copy-protection software that can be burned to DVD. The new service is a result of a licensing agreement between Movielink and Sonic Solutions.

Movies For Sale Online Legally!

Except for the high prices, restrictive usage terms, and no extras a la typical DVDs, Hollywood has at least attempted to enter the downloadable movie market.

HD DVD Gets Launch Date

Toshiba picked March 2006 for the consumer debut of their next-generation DVD format players; it’s only an astonishing coincidence that the Sony PlayStation 3 with Blu-ray disc support launches in the spring of 2006.

Sony Declares Victory In DVD Wars

The mighty warrior Toshiba continues to wield its katana against overwhelming odds. The allies of Sony continue to gather strength even while Toshiba tries aggressive and risky maneuvers. Sony got in a nasty stab with the announcement of Warner’s support of both formats after having only supported Toshiba’s HD-DVD previously.

Mark Cubans Few Good DVD Men

Speculation continues to surface around billionaire Mark Cuban’s adventures into what may be the next direction of the movie industry. Reports are beginning to surface of wants ads that could easily be used to form a DVD label.

Paramount Two-Times DVD Format

Paramount Home Entertainment, nearly a year after backing Toshiba’s HD-DVD format, has announced that Sony’s Blu-Ray Disc technology is also a viable suitor for the next generation high definition DVD format. The company plans to release content in both formats.

The Next Gen DVD War Heats Up

In what seems like an eternal battle to some, the war over the next generation of DVDs continues to wage on. New factions backing either the Blu Ray disc or the HD DVD format are appearing and they are power players in the market. Microsoft and Intel have figured in for HD DVD. Dell and HP are speaking out against them.

Intel, Microsoft Still Backing HD DVD

The top two tech companies in the world will announce their continued support for the HD DVD blue laser format.

Dual Layer HD DVD-R: The Next Notch In DVD Wars

The war rages on for high definition DVD format supremacy. Both Toshiba and Sony continue to hype their products and push to be the universal standard. It remains unclear who will end up with the crown, however, Toshiba managed to beat its chest today with the reconfirmation of its recordable HD DVD.

Samsung Unifies DVD Formats On One Player

Blu-ray and HD DVD backers have been unable to agree on a single blue laser DVD standard for three years.

Samsung Solves DVD Problem?

The high definition DVD battles have raged for months without end. Warriors Sony and Toshiba thrash about like two steel-spurred cocks, fighting to the death. Electronics giant Samsung may have the answer. They plan on creating a DVD player that will support both formats, much to the benefit of consumers.

Toshiba Blinks On HD DVD Rollout

The big backer of the next generation blue-laser high-definition DVD format may not ship until 2006.

Sony, Toshiba Hold Ground On DVD Formats

Forget about unification, compromise, or concessions; both tech firms refuse to budge on next-generation blue laser DVDs.

More DVD War Shots Fired

The high definition DVD wars continue to rage with the Blu-Ray Disc Association’s (BDA) said they now have the “most comprehensive content management system ever employed.” Naturally, the folks at Toshiba and at the HD DVD camp weren’t pleased.

Blu-ray, HD DVD Tout Security

The ongoing battle to be the next standard in blue laser DVD technology has shifted to the copy protection front.

DVD Wars Looking For the 20th Century Fox

Blu-Ray launched another offensive in the DVD war in the form of the 20th Century Fox studio. Make no bones about it; it is a war as Sony, Toshiba and all the companies who’ve signed off on the respective high definition formats continue to look for an edge.

DVD Controversy: Blu-Ray Survey

A survey sponsored by the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) found that, SURPRISE, people like Blu-Ray technology better. Imagine everyone’s shock when BDA’s survey said that 4 times as many people said they liked Blu-Ray better when the survey BDA sponsored explained the differences to them.

Google Introduces Numrange Search Function

Google has introduced another method users can refine their queries with by introducing a new advanced search feature focusing on numbers and their range.

Studios Offer No Guidance On DVD Battle

The future of high-definition blue-laser DVDs will happen, but competing standards make the future a little less clear.

Google Video Viewer Cracked By DVD Jon

Famed Norwegian hacker Jon Lech Johansen, better known as DVD Jon, has taken the open source nature of Google’s newly launched, browser-based video player to heart evidently.

DVD Wars Heat Up: Toshiba Brings Microsoft In For Backup

Toshiba adds a little Microsoft firepower to the high-density DVD war going on with Sony. The two companies announced today they would further their recent collaborations as they both work to develop the future of the HD-DVD format.