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The YouTube Collection: Your Favorite Viral Hits On DVD

YouTube, being the most popular online video site, sure has a lot of videos that people may want to watch even when their Internet is down. YouTube now has the solution to your problems. The company has announced a plan to offer all of their video content on DVD. Announced today as “The YouTube Collection,” it promises to collect all …

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Internet to Surpass DVD in Movie Viewership

According to IHS Screen Digest, consumers will watch more movies on the internet than via DVD for the first time in 2012, while spending far less on the content. Streaming movies from vendors like Netflix and iTunes will advance by 135% this year to 3.4 billion sales, for revenues of $1.72 billion – far less than the expected $11.1 billion …

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DVR Usage Increasing Among Television Viewers

As television and devices that take advantage of our screen time continue to evolve, so does our utter obsession with using TV grow. Nielsen posted on its blog a study the group recently conducted that looked at what Americans have been using their TVs for in the past six years. To preface the study, Nielsen shows how TV usage has …

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Verizon & Redbox Join Forces, But Will It Really Hurt Netflix?

The digital streaming space is about to get more crowded as Verizon and Redbox prepare to launch their own service. Yesterday, Coinstar, Redbox’s parent company, and Verizon announced they were partnering in a new venture. The companies are combining Verizon’s video on-demand streaming and download service with Redbox’s popular DVD kiosk service.

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Warner Brothers Doubles Netflix DVD Window

When it rains it pours for Netflix, apparently. Yesterday we brought you news that HBO would stop selling bulk DVDs of its programming to Netflix at a discount. Now, apparently, Warner Brothers has reached a new agreement with Netflix, Redbox, and Blockbuster that doubles the amount of time the two companies have to wait before they can buy Warner Brothers’s …

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