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Google Reflects on Knol’s First 5 Months
· 10

Knol is a service from Google that lets people write "authoritative articles about specific topics." Recently, the 100,000th "knol" was published since the service’s launch in July.

PubCon: Getting Rid Of Duplicate Content
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The issue of duplicate content is something that all webmasters and site owners have to take into consideration and the PubCon session "Getting Rid of Duplicate Content Once and For All," addresses that challenge.

(Coverage of PubCon continues at WebProNews Videos.  Stay with WebProNews for continued coverage from the event this week.)

Google Discusses Duplicate Content
· 1

If concerns about duplicate content have got you up at night, Google wants you to return to bed and get some sleep.  The search giant (re)addressed the issue this morning, and the average honest webmaster has little to worry about.

Beware The Duplicate Content Curse
· 19

One webmaster found Google unwilling to index pictures located in an images directory, but some extra content apparently left the site afoul of Google’s guidelines.

Mirroring Websites by Giving Affiliates Subdomains
· 1
Question: We were thinking of mirroring our website by giving affiliates subdomains with our content like xyz.oursite.com. Is this a good idea or a duplicate content nightmare?

WordPress Makes Duplicate Content Even Easier!

WordPress 2.3 has tags built in, as it was one of the most requested features by users. The default kubrick theme and a lot of others now have a link underneath each post to the category the post was placed in and the tags appointed to the post. Like this:

Deals Bring Publishers To Google News
· 1

A four publisher deal brings content from major news organizations to Google News and its hosting services.

SMX: Experts Discuss Duplicate Content
· 17

The second session from the Search Marketing Expo in Seattle was focused on the issue of duplicate content.

Avoid Duplicate Typepad Homepages

I had a client recently ask me about a blog that was using TypePad’s domain mapping feature and it was causing duplicate homepage URLs for the blog.

Lasnik: Stop Worrying About Page Rank

Sound familiar? Google’s search evangelist Adam Lasnik made a similar comment at SES New York, and it reappears during his interview with Eric Enge.

Duplicate Content – The Need for it
First, what is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is republishing similar or the same information on multiple pages of a website or publishing the same content on multiple domains.

Duplicate Content of Biblical Proportions

It is Sunday although I am not a very religious person, thus I was, horror of horrors, outside shovelling snow around. It was drifting, and if I hadn’t done anything with it, it might have blocked the driveway for my wife Monday morning.

Does your mind wander when you are doing a physical job that doesn’t require much other thought? Mine certainly does.

Duplicate Content of Biblical Proportions

Google Obtains Similarity Engine Patent

This week, Google was awarded a patent for technology designed to address duplicate content issues throughout the index. The patent, originally filed in December of 2001, is entitled “Methods and Apparatus for Estimating Similarity.”

Duplicate Content SPAM

QUESTION: We’re a very small company with an 11 year website history, with web development resources somewhere between quite miniscule and non-existent.

The Dilemma Of Duplicate Content

Everyone wants to have his or her website get the highest ranking possible in search results.

Duplicate Content: 4 Views On Why You Should Care

One of the biggest questions in Internet marketing at the moment is what exactly constitutes duplicate web content, and how people using private label articles, can avoid being penalized.

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